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    SP2 Laptop Replacement

    Mine is a general question: I have been using the SP2 as a laptop replacement since the beginning of the year. Sometimes I think I have succeeded and sometimes I think I should go back to a laptop. I take notes in Onenote and that works great on the SP2. I also wanted to use Office 365 so all...
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    Key on Type Keyboard Stopped Working

    The b key on my type keyoard works intermittently. Mostly doesn't work. Can get it to work usually by repeatedly hitting the key? Has anyone had this problem? Is there something I should do software wise or do I need to take it back to Microsoft store?
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    arc mouse scroll bar not consistent on sp2

    I bought the arc mouse because the Type 2 touchpad seemed unusable (Maybe I didn't give it a chance and a setting could make it useful?). Anyway, the issue I am having is that the arc mouse scroll bar doesn't work sometimes (move my hand over it and nothing happens), is erratic , and just isn't...