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    I have the RT because my PC does the rest!

    I have the RT because my PC does the rest!
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    [Rumor] 'Well Known Hacker' Claims Windows 9 Will Launch in October

    Don't hate 8 Im happy with windows 8. I'm not getting windows 9 unless its got something I need. granted windows 8 does not work well with mouse and keyboard but on my surface, Damn its awesome. people are just scared of new things and trying them. quite sad really. Im really happy...
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    Why we’re about to get swamped with Surface ads this holiday season

    why is it in every forum you go in no one manages to stick with the subject?
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    slow speed

    Ok using surface rt and have fiber optic broadband with download speed of 75MB and upload speed of 20MB. And I keep getting this message saying download speeds are too slow when trying to download anything from the store. I have nothing else connected to the router which is a Huawei HG533 I...
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    Type cover problems?

    I have the same issue with the password screen but I think that's just a bug.
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    wifi issue

    ok thank you for the reply's. it was helpful. I tried it on a old router and it worked perfectly fine. I did always wonder why when using smart glass on my HTC 8x it kept disconnecting and reconnecting. I just assumed smart glass was not working properly. contacted my ISP and they are sending...
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    wifi issue

    Ok this my 2nd day of finally owning a surface RT and I'm loving it apart from the issue with the WiFi I'm currently experiencing. IV seen a few issues like this so far on other sites and they all say the same thing. The issue is whenever I'm browsing the internet or the app store my surface...
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    Rumor: Microsoft to launch retail stores across Europe in 2013

    Good. that means I can go to a shop and physically buy a surface tablet rather than get messed around by your crappy online store. yep I paid for surface on the 19th October and I still have not received mine and still not got my money back.
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    Windows 8 Marketplace App Count Growing Rapidly

    for the same reason I don't want to see speak French, Italian, Russian, etc. or time zones in Australlia, usa, china, really mate get over your self people visit London and do wanna know this stuff. hell I live 70 miles away from London (god knows what that is in Australian kilometers) (maybe I...
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    [GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

    pick me its going to be my new social hub :big smile: and would be great with my windowsphone, windows 8 pc and I can have xbox music synced to all my devices
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    Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France

    Cant teach a old dog new tricks.... Microsoft have failed big time. why spend all that time and effort oh and money on such a beautiful product and then mess (and the word mess was chosen wisely) the logistics up ??????? school boy errors (shame on them)
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    Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France

    so I ordered my surface on 19th October. ive received the 50 voucher via email. just phoned as it said in the email I WILL have my surface between 26th and 30th October (of which I have not) they told me the bank declined the payment even though they took the money out (its on my statement) on...
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    Microsoft Surface RT Drop Testing

    thought the screen would have done better as it is gorilla glass 2 :(
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    What Titles?

    loving the idea of age of empires and age of mythology. halo would be awesome but only if i could use my xbox gamerpad. and with how well they where boasting that surface supports about 400,000,000 usb devices i should think its in the list somewhere (i hope)
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    Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France

    also a quick stupid question not related sorry..... How do you like this thread? saw it at the top right of the thread
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    Microsoft Surface Shipping - United Kingdom/Germany/France

    i just brought windows 8 pro with my voucher but as i brought a pc after june i get the update for £14.99 so im just going to head over to ebay and flog windows 8 that i got with the voucher. the microsoft store sucks. i would have brought a xbox game but they have about 5 games in the store...