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  1. graye

    Sorting Favorites?

    I know this is an old thread, but.... there now is another way. Check out the 3rd-party EdgeManage application at: Manage Edge Favorites
  2. graye

    HowTo Manage Your Edge Favorites - Take Control

    Actually that's not quite right... after the "November Update" (aka TH2), favorites are stored in a database and it no longer uses the files at that location anymore. The update didn't do a cleanup, so those files are still there, but they are "abandoned in place".
  3. graye

    Windows Update Issues

    Yes, Microsoft generally releases updates on "Patch Tuesday"... the 2nd Tuesday of each month. So, it's not unusual to go 30 days without anything showing up in the updates.
  4. graye

    attempted to buy at retailer - bad experience

    I wonder if the profit margins for the store are higher for Apple products than Microsoft products. That'd be on explanation of why a salesperson would steer a customer to another product
  5. graye

    Using FrontPage 2003 with Surface Pro 3

    Yep, I took the same journey... FrontPage -> Expression Web -> Web Matrix Web Matrix does NOT have a built-in GUI designer... which is typically not a problem for most folks. If you need a built-in GUI designer, then you'd go for Visual Studio. BTW: I use ksh... not bash!
  6. graye

    Can preinstalled Win 8.1 64-bit be swapped for 32-bit version for free?

    So don't keep us in suspense.... tell us exactly what software you're trying to install. Perhaps we can be of more help, if we knew more about the specifics of your scenario.
  7. graye

    Using FrontPage 2003 with Surface Pro 3

    Yeah, I'm ignoring the original question... The replacement for FrontPage is called WebMatrix. It is a stark departure from FP, but it produces standard compliant pages. Yes, there will be a learning curve... (but what in life doesn't have a learning curve?) WebMatrix runs just fine on the...
  8. graye

    Hot spot deals... I occasionally need a hotspot

    No, I do not have the unlimited plan... but I also don't download ISO files or stream movies while using it as a hotspot.
  9. graye

    Hot spot deals... I occasionally need a hotspot

    I just use my phone to create a temporary hotspot. I'm on T-Mobile, so they don't care if I use my 4G connection for a hotspot use (other carriers charge more, or disallow it). So, I have a hot spot when I need it, and don't pay a dime more than my usual phone bill.
  10. graye

    surface pro 3 micro sdxc issues

    There are quite a few threads on this same topic... The general consensus is: Some SanDisk work, some don't Those that don't, generally work in other devices Adding tape to make it thicker is a waste of time Other brands seem to work first time/every time
  11. graye

    Android Emulators for Surface 3?

    I just use VirtualBox for creating VMs... You can download a x86 version of Android and install it on a VM. Lots folks have done this.. you can probably poke around the VirtualBox support forums to see if there are any issues with hardware devices. I have done it on my desktop (so, I'd...
  12. graye

    HELP my Sandisk microSD card keeps on unmounting

    Mine was a SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB
  13. graye

    HELP my Sandisk microSD card keeps on unmounting

    I too, have had similar findings... My SanDisk microSD card wouldn't work well in the SP3, but worked just fine in every other device that I have. Very strange. That's why it's difficult to point fingers at who to blame...
  14. graye

    HELP my Sandisk microSD card keeps on unmounting

    I compared the sizes of my SanDisk and Samsung microSD cards with a micrometer and dial caliper. They are identical. So, you can toss that excuse into the same voodoo trash bin.
  15. graye

    Flash not working on IE app

    Give us an example of a site that doesn't work.... that way we can see if the same issue happens to all other SP3 users
  16. graye

    HELP my Sandisk microSD card keeps on unmounting

    Yeah, I tried the "tape to make it thicker"... it has about as much affect as "swinging a dead chicken counter-clockwise". It was all voodoo... In the end, I just gave up and got another brand microSD card. I got a Samsung version, but apparently it doesn't matter what brand... as long as it...
  17. graye

    Frequent Random Pauses/Freezes

    I had a similar issue that was fixed by replacing the microSD card from a SanDisk brand to a Samsung equivalent.
  18. graye

    Quickest 128GIG Micro SD card options

    Here is a story that you need to read... I bought the SanDisk "Extreme Plus" 64GB microSD card... and it didn't work very well in the SP3. It kept "disappearing" and making the SP3 periodically "freeze/stutter". You'll find quite a few references to the SanDisk cards in this forum... all...
  19. graye

    video specs of i3 vs i5 vs i7 - differences

    The embedded graphic chip is the same in the i3 as in the i5 (the Intel HD4400 GPU) and the i7 has the HD5000 GPU. So, I'd be thinking the graphic performance/capability of the i3 and the i5 would be pretty much the same.