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    Sudden battery capacity loss

    Hi All, Was just checking the battery health of my SB2, and noticed that - according to the report - the overall battery capacity dropped something like 5% in a week ("battery 1" dropped by 8% or so and hasn't recovered in the two months since). After a year, overall capacity for the two...
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    Audio / headphone problem after video driver update

    Just installed the latest Nvidia drivers (using Geoforce Experience) on my Surface Book 2 15" and now the audio through my headphones (both from the audio jack on my Surface and from my external monitor) is muddied. Any suggestions? I rolled back the video drivers for the 1060, reinstalled etc...
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    Surface Book 2 availability question

    Hi All, I currently have a MacBook Pro (2012) and have decided to upgrade to a 15" Surface Book 2 (probably the 512GB model). Anyone have any idea - based on their experience with the original Surface Book - what availability is likely to be in the next six months? Normally I'd wait a few weeks...
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    Monitor help needed

    Hi All, Have read many threads on this, but still stuck: how do I get my SP4 to output to an external monitor (with type-cover closed and connected to dock)? SP4 currently set to hibernate when cover closed (on both battery and power). Basically, I want to use my SP4 as a desktop, and to be...
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    Battery Health Question

    Hi All, Just decided to check the battery for my SP4, and the report came up with: Design Capacity: 38,152 mWh Full Charge Capacity: 34,927 Cycle Count: 115 This means that after having the SP4 for about 15 months (purchased in October 2015), the battery is now at about 92% of it's original...
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    SP4 screen issue

    Hi all, Have had my SP4 for over a year and have happily had very few problems. Lately, however, the screen has been juddering (shifting laterally) and occasionally going black for a second or two. Any ideas as to the cause? I'm assuming it may have something to do with the last update, but...
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    Noise when fan shuts down

    I think this is normal. The same happens with my SP4, and when I posted about this on a different forum, a number of others confirmed that they had the same noise. Probably just the sound of the fan aggressively powering down.
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    Official I pre-ordered a Surface Pro 4

    Pre-ordered I5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB. Bought a Surface Pro 3 about a month ago, but returned it after a week of use when Microsoft announced the October event. Very glad I did...