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    Xbox Music Troubleshooting

    I think cloud means it is music you own that has been matched to their online store so you can listen to the marked tracks anywhere for free when you're signed in on that account.
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    RT & Pro screen comparison

    Spot on. Plus drawing attention to other main advantages over iPad - memory/USB slots and lack of iTunes.
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    PowerDVD Mobile from Cyberlink

    I would like to plug in my external DVD drive and watch DVDs and/or rip a DVD to the hard drive or USB key and watch that. I assume PowerDVD doesn't get me anywhere nearer this though...?
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    Just got my Surface :D

    Cool. There are a few things that MS need to fix but generally I love mine. Hope you enjoy yours as much.
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    [UK] Surface hits John Lewis this weekend.

    Was in their Peter Jones store this morning and it was there, albeit in a very small display. Some interest from passers by. Advertising it as coming with Office Preview is strictly correct I guess but is under-cooking one of the main selling points for a lot of people I'd have thought.
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    Anyone Have These Issues (List)?

    4 - louder would be a nice to have but I don't find it too much of a problem. 2 - yes, I hope an update fixes this soon. One of the more annoying v1 issues.
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    SNES Emulator is Out!

    Yeah, that's my number one Surface/Win 8 wish atm!
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    Surface RT - Offline Retailers

    Good old FNAC is stocking them now - France.
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    My Favorite Applications

    The Economist has just been launched. It's very good. TuneIn radio is a great app too, although I don't know why it takes so long to open a stream once you have selected it. Enjoying the SNES emulator too!
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    Hello.....Does Anyone Know Where I Can Try Before I Buy (In the UK)?

    Microsoft Surface tablet hits John Lewis this weekend | News | TechRadar
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    A Tablet You Can Actually Do Work On

    Yeah, exactly. Keeping the iPad only for Sky Go so let's hope Sky get their act together.
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    New Up dates today 12\11

    Still three rows here, after the updates. Installed them through Metro, then checked in Desktop and one update was still outstanding - the one to do with the camera I think it was.
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    Another Half Review

    iPad 4 vs Surface RT: Close But No Cigar, Microsoft | Autoomobile For starters, no mention of Office, USB port, microSD port, freedom from iTunes, better (if not perfect) Flash implementation, Windows 8...
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    Hello.....Does Anyone Know Where I Can Try Before I Buy (In the UK)?

    Yeah I'm in London and could you let you have a go on mine if convenient
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    BBC Review gets it completely wrong

    Only 899,999?! What an amateur, I have several million on my iPad. I've got loads of space you see from using all its expandable memory slots for my media.
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    BBC Review gets it completely wrong

    Thanks Rallicat, I will certainly send a complaint. The good points he selects are merely mentioned in passing - e.g. the fact it runs Office, has a USB port etc. Some are totally ignored - e.g. that it has a microSD port, that this combined with the USB port gives much more storage than the...
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    [UK owners] How long is the lead time from order to delivery?

    I know someone who ordered one two weeks ago and it arrived within three days.