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  1. B SHA Sums

    Can you confirm if this version includes the anniversary (Redstone) update?
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    Sleeve for Surface Pro 4

    Which one do you think is better? D-park Magnetic Buckle Carrying Storage T-will Sleeve Case For 12-inch Surface Pro 4/Pro 3 Tablet (Blue): Computers & Accessories CushCase Surface Pro 4 Sleeve Case Cover - Made in England Surface Pro 4 Dash Sleeve – WaterField Designs
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    Surface 4 Dock with SP3?

    Thanks. I think I will wait for now. We don't know if it's software or hardware related.
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    Surface 4 Dock with SP3?

    I'm thinking of getting the SP4/SB dock to use with a SP3, have anyone done this yet?
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    No audio from display miniport after W10 upgrade

    Mine occasionally stop working after upgraded to Win10. I use a dock.
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    According to the Wirecutter, Samsung's SE-506 can handle writing with just one USB connection.
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    Maximum size of flash drive/external HD that connects to an SP3 without using a Y-cable

    It really depends on how much power your external drive draws. I assume with a flash-based drive, this is less of an issue, but with a spindle drive, it could be an issue. And not necessarily larger capacity draws more power, it varies from vendor to vendor and model to model.
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    My horror story with Micosoft's service so far

    The problem is when you're located in a place without any MS store and a well established support system. In this case, Hong Kong, but I'm sure there are other places like this as well. OTOH, Apple's retail presence is far more common around the world. Not saying either one is better, but...
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    arc touch mouse and wifi

    Ha ha ha this is so funny. :)
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    Surface Pro 3 and the Dock

    Man you guys have seen those parallel port dongles? :D
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    Is Docking Station ruining the battery ?

    ALL lithium rechargeables will stop charging BY DESIGN once it's "fully charged", otherwise you'll have some nasty expansion, explosion, and fire.
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    My horror story with Micosoft's service so far

    Well. You wrote like he's paid NOTHING for the replacement. Yes, the standard warranty doesn't cover accidental damage, but he PAID for the replacement. Obviously, a refurbished or replacement unit may not be exactly like an unused, but if we take his words as true, that the conditions of the...
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    My horror story with Micosoft's service so far

    If I were Microsoft I would have sent a replacement to you via courier right away. This is getting uglier and uglier. Sigh.
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    My horror story with Micosoft's service so far

    BTW, IIRC MS has opened a retail presence in Mongkok. Probably not as professional or organised as the MS stores in the States, but you may still try...
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    My horror story with Micosoft's service so far

    Man, this is bad. I suggest you write also at and to spread the word. Maybe someone higher up will catch up on this and make some changes.
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    My horror story with Micosoft's service so far

    What a pity. I know that MS HK doesn't have it own services and instead outsources its "warranty" services to a "collection centre" which usually deals with coupon deals and such, and the "hotline" is a call centre probably NOT in HK, but didn't expect it to be this bad. Please keep us...
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    Improving SSD performance

    Me too, waiting.
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    Improving SSD performance

    That was the last build, more or less the same as the "1st" fix for 840 EVO. Now that 840 EVO has received a "2nd" fix, where's the one for PM851???