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    Latest Drivers for SP3

    Hi guys, Where do I find the latest drivers and firmwares for SP3? Recently one of my speakers on the SP3 would crackle when playing on volumes above 50%, the other seems fine. The crackling would subside or disappear at different volume levels depending on the length of time I have left the...
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    Adaptive Brightness and Close Lid to Sleep

    Hi all, I had pretty bad black levels on the sp3 at first but that was rectified by the Surface Tweak Tool by Goodbytes, however it appears that my adaptive brightness feature has stopped working altogether - it gets really irritating to have to manually adjust my screen brightness from the...
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    Problem with Black Level Contrasts

    I am pretty positive it is not file specific since I googled about and found this test site, my surface pro 3 could only see 15 onwards! I did a white to black gradient using photoshop and it seems smooth to me - why would I be testing for this?
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    Problem with Black Level Contrasts

    Just got my Surface Pro 3! Was watching a couple of mkv videos and realised that I could not make out most of the dark scenes, moreover the black bars at the top and bottom looks oddly tinted as with black parts of the video file. Is there something I can do about it? Is that what others...