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    One of the best tablets I've ever had the pleasure of owning.

    "Best" being relative, I can say this has been the most useful tablet / slate I've ever used. I've used the adjective "clunky" to describe the iteration of Windows on this device, and "quirky" would suffice as well. Still, don't take my Surface Pro 2 away from me.
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    Has anyone here tried Linux or OS X on their device?

    Thanks! Gentoo is my distro of choice, and I was going to attempt this when time became available. There is a Surface Pro 2 topic at ubuntu forums, and they've been having problems with Wi-Fi and keyboard drivers iirc. When I start, I'll likely start another thread, or you could detailing some...
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    Navigation App for Surface 2

    You could check out the Navit project. An android phone can become a Bluetooth GPS device using an app such as Blue nmea. Also I heard Nokia's map app is coming to Windows 8 for all devices.
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    Surface Pro 2's Camera... A Joke!

    The man in the picture appears to be doing survey work or "street view" shots, maybe for real estate purposes. Did not at all look like photography with aesthetics in mind.
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    Screen "protector" for natural pen / pencil like feel?

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a screen protector that will give me an almost natural pen / pencil on paper feel when writing (particularly with onenote). I've used something similar for a PDA in the past, and purchased a cheap anti-glare from Amazon, but found it rubbery. I'm guessing...
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    Uninstalling (Chrome and others) "desktop" applications

    I've installed Chrome as it's one of the browsers I don't hate (beginning to like IE more though), but found it doesn't play well in "tablet" mode. I attempted to uninstall it, but no go. Either by using the control panel or via the charm menu (links to the control panel anyway). Has anyone...
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    Type Cover and "Functions"

    Very helpful!
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    Type Cover and "Functions"

    I discovered that the backlight was for the keyboard the other night when the lights were off. I found the screen options in the charms menu, thanks oion. I disabled auto brightness, but found it enabled again this morning. Regarding "glitches", they look to me like growing pains, and...
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    Type Cover and "Functions"

    Many of the "function" keys at the top work as they are displayed. Brightness, however, does not. Anyone else having this difficulty? Also, do the "F" keys work at all? If so, how to access them? I use them quite a bit on my laptop. This Surface Pro 2 is 2 days new to me, and I have...