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    Can Pro 3 Type Cover be used with Pro 2?

    I planned to mostly use it at home. However, I will probably opt for the original type cover, since the Pro 3 version will not be available in my country until Aug 31. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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    Can Pro 3 Type Cover be used with Pro 2?

    Subject line basically tells it all. I own a Pro 2 and have no plans to upgrade (until a possible Pro 4 comes around). I've read that the Pro 3 Type Cover is an improvement over the Pro 2 Type Cover, so I wondered if it would fit with the Pro 2. I'm aware of the difference in size. Currently I...
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    Has anyone fixed Chrome?

    I think IE works fine with the SP2, but I just downloaded Opera just to compare. Looks very nice indeed. It's been a few years since last time I used Opera, and they've evolved into a much more simplistic browser. On my desktop PCs I use Chrome. However, I'm looking for ways to reduce my...
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    USB 3.0 adapter now available

    Check their home page.
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    USB 3.0 adapter now available

    See USB 3.0 Surface 4 in 1 Adapter
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    Google Hangout

    You could try this one, GooglePlus app for Windows in the Windows Store, although it's not a "genuine" Google product, and hasn't exactly received rave reviews. I think there is an IM+ available too.
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    Using Logitech Ultrathin T630 Mouse with SP2

    To each his own, I suppose. I can't compare the Arc Surface to the Logitech, but after having gotten used to the Arc, I find it very intuitive and the scroll function is excellent. And yes, it packs very well.
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    owner of orignal surface pro and surface pro 2

    Kingston 64 GB. No issues whatsoever.
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    WiFi Won't Stay Connected or Randomly Becomes "Limited"

    Jrapdx, I have the same router. DIR-655. My SP2 had a problem with wifi and bluetooth disconnect, usually after a few hours on idle. This would happen quite regularly, at least once a day. After the March update, it hasn't happened again. My internet connection is "relatively" slow, 15/15 Mbps...
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    March update brings new WiFi driver

    I've had the problem that the Wifi and Bluetooth Connection has died, mostly after a few hours without use, and I have had to restart the SP2 (I've tried various power settings). The first test after the update seems to suggest that the problem has been resolved. I mostly run my SP2 with power...
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    Surface Pro 2 Charge indicator

    I second Booch here, and I understand that this feature (light goes out when fully charged) is from a recent firmware or software update (which, contrary to many, had no negative impact on my Pro 2 system.
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    SP2 will not turn off digital signature

    I have run the normal procedure to make my SP2 turn off requiring digitally signed drivers. However, when I come to the last window (where I am prompted to press 7 or F7), it will not respond. It turns itself off after a while, but if I try to install an unsigned driver, the usual error message...
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    Not "allowed" to disable unsigned signature enforcement

    I've done this on my desktop PC with Win8 without problems. On the Surface Pro 2, I got as far as the "Advanced Boot Options" screen, from which there are a number of options one can choose with F keys or number keys. However, the screen is totally unresponsive to touch or keyboard. Any...
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    IE won't work properly with Gmail?

    Hi all, got my RT-64GB yesterday. After playing around with it and getting used to it, there is really only one potential show-stopper for me. I use Gmail and G+ a lot, including the "Hangout" function (aka Chat). It seems to me that neither version of the RT's Internet Explorer can handle the...
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    surface update now unusable

    Just to throw in some confusion: Could the connection problem be related to your router? I ask because I had a similar problem with my Galaxy S4 mobile and my dlink router. The Galaxy kept losing connection every few minutes or even seconds. I had to change some parameters in the router for the...