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    Display Driver Crashing

    I have a similar issue on my Samsung Ativ 500t, it started immediately after installing Win8.1 and happens every time I wake the device. It only results in a short delay in waking then gives me the message the Intel graphics driver stopped responding and has recovered. Similar issue on Ace W3...
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    Dell Venue 8-inch Tablet

    I just canceled my order for the 64gig Venue 8 Pro after reading the troubling reviews of the digitizer/stylus input. I'm going to stick with my Acer W3 for now. I've been mostly happy with it, especially the incredible battery life. If the problem with the Synaptics digitizer can be addressed...
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    Surface 2 to support active digitiser?

    I have to agree with you, and the reasoning that Microsoft would not enable a compelling feature intentionally to make sure the Surface wouldn't encroach on the superiority of the pro is just silly. Of course Microsoft has made some foolish moves in regards to marketing the Surface line. Still...
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    Future Surface tablets planned in 'multiple aspect ratios and sizes'

    Although this is a welcome advance in capacitive technology it has a long way to go before it could really compete with a digitizer layer equipped solution. The Tegra 4 will be long replaced before this technology matures. It is a vast improvement over current capacitive stylus solutions but is...
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    Future Surface tablets planned in 'multiple aspect ratios and sizes'

    Although the Wacom Feel IT is not the equal to a graphics tablet it still is more than likely considerably more accurate than any capacitive solution. Although I would welcome ANY improvement over the less than satisfying stylus performance on my RT I still want to see an RT with an Active...
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    Surface Pro 2 - Who's Waiting for It?

    The only thing that held me back from the original SP was battery life and this, especially with the battery/keyboard cover, addresses that admirably. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Acer W4

    Looks like Acer officially announced the successor to the short lived W3. IPS screan and updated processor, win 8.1, but otherwise looks about the same. This should address the criticism I've heard, although it isn't enough to convince me to replace my W3. Still this makes what I consider a...
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    Use the Surface Pen on Surface RT

    There are other choices including some that feel like a fabric and slide almost effortlessly across the glass. One rubber tipped stylus that actually works is the Pogo Sketch pro, which I happen to like very much. It uses a replaceable perforated rubber tip that allows air to flow between the...
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    This is why MS will fail with Surface

    While I agree for the most part, I don't necessarily think you have to see clones of a product to prove is innovative value. Maybe Microsoft didn't get it quite right but I'm seeing devices that are incredibly innovating in their own ways. If nothing else Microsoft influenced hardware...
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    This is why MS will fail with Surface

    I was pointing out that the SP raised the bar. I happen to like my RT probably because it is tailored so closely to my usage pattern. A Tegra 4 packing RT2 with a digitizer just might meet with greater approval.
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    The Harvest!

    Mine shows a cloud save but it is way behind the local save. I'm wondering if there is a way to manually save to the cloud. Haven't played in a while, I'll have to take a look.
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    This is why MS will fail with Surface

    Let's face it, there will be, obviously an RT2(possibly, even likely multiple iterations) but there WILL be a Surface Pro 2, because the first was somewhat unique and pushed tremendous innovation from other manufacturers. So Microsoft sets the bar a bit higher and pushes innovation even further...
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    Gmail account in Mail App

    I don't have any trouble at all, admittedly you have to view each account separately but Its not a big deal.
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    Surface Pro Doesn't Include Office?!

    I have tried so hard to make a tablet solution that would allow me to untether myself from office and the final and only working solution? Affordable tablets were finally made that runs simply runs Office, problem solved for me. They even just through in a pretty nifty and free app for my Galaxy...
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    How strong is your loyalty!?

    Absolutely important!
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    Installing programs question

    I just got a usb combo cd/dvd drive from Amazon for $16 and change plus free 2 day shipping because I have a Prime membership. It doesn't write to dvd of course but it comes in quite handy.
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    The Harvest!

    It is top down and after playing it a while I'm afraid it seems to be getting a little repetitive. Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Acer w3 price reduced at Office Depot

    Like I said a new version with an improved screen will be out I believe in September, although I love my w3, and if I had my way all tablets would have a digitizer layer although I was kind of surprised that relatively few people actually make much use of the Stylus anyway.
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    NVIDIA CEO says they will bring it with RT2

    This looks interesting and I have to say I am excited about the second Gen RT, link to the Engadget article
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    New Acer Iconia W3 vs iPad Mini Commercial

    That's great, Apple just isn't looking quite so innovative these days. Still loving my W3 by the way.