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    Finally coming to the UK!

    Yeah - ordered one each for myself and wife today from Microsoft UK via the Nectar site. Hopefully ordered the correct sizes based on the wrist measurement chart on the Microsoft site. Currently have a Fitbit Flex which was free with my Lumia and this has got me into the step tracking and sleep...
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    Surface Pro UK Charger?

    John Lewis exchanged my second faulty power unit in 12 months today.
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    Surface Pro charger not working

    I just posted a similar story in another thread. My charger failed after 6 months. It started to fail but as mentioned above, moving the cable at different angles worked for a short while but then soon failed completely. Now another 6 months on the same thing has happened to the replacement...
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    Surface Pro UK Charger?

    I have had my Surface Pro 2 a year now. After 6 months my charger no longer worked. I believe the flimsy cable which is attached to the charger unit had broken internally. Having purchased my SP2 online from John Lewis I went to my local store and they simply exchanged the charger without fuss...
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    Bluetooth connects then drops

    Not all Bluetooth abled gadgets can talk to each other. My SP2 connects perfectly via Bluetooth with two separate portable speakers but cannot connect to my Nokia Windows 8 phone. They find and pair to each other for a few seconds but then the connection drops out. I think the Bluetooth...
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    Surface Pro 2 - Still worth it?

    TVCatchup no - use BBC Iplayer -that works well for me on the Pro 2.
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    Surface Pro 2 - Still worth it?

    Sky Go will not work officially on Windows 8 devices - Sky openly confirm they don't support it. The Sky forums have pages and pages of disgruntled Windows 8 Sky customers, myself included. Some have found work arounds but others report they don't work for them. I wish Microsoft could put some...
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    With Windows 9, Microsoft may finally forget the past and embrace the future

    Why are so many people reluctant to embrace change?
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    March update brings new WiFi driver

    I use Bluetooth to connect to my printer and to a wireless speaker in the kitchen and to a soundbar in my lounge. I have a 64gb micro sd card full of movies...... all working fine. I have my fingers crossed now hoping I haven't just jinxed myself.
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    March update brings new WiFi driver

    The more I read this forum, the more I think the Microsoft Gods must be smiling on me because I have never had any trouble with my SP2. I have downloaded all the updates etc without any resulting problems. I did have a WiFi speed slowing down issue for a few days some weeks back but this kind of...
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    The update is here (UK)!

    I'm in Sheffield, UK. Nothing for me so far.
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    speed of wifi is slow all of a sudden?

    I'm also experiencing slower wi-fi speeds following the December 10 update. grrrrrr!!!!
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    Surface Pro 2 Camera-Multi Shots?

    Reading the manual I understand the SP2 camera automatically takes several shots rather than just a single to allow you to choose the best. Mine doesn't do this. Do I need to change a setting somewhere?
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    Win 8.1 and RT 8.1 Impressions

    Any ideas why some tiles can be 4 different sizes whilst others can only be 2? Not a major problem but puzzling.
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    MP3 Metadata Editor?

    MediaMonkey does indeed do it. Many thanks for the suggestion.
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    MP3 Metadata Editor?

    Anyone know of a free RT app that allows you to edit the background information of MP3 files?
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    Possible Return to Surface

    What Wi-Fi issues? I have used my RT everyday since last October and it has never caused me any problems at all. I LOVE IT.
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    Dreaded touch cover issue

    My touch cover suffered from this problem pretty much straight away but MS were happy to replace. That was a few months ago and the replacement is still OK but to be honest I do remove it rather than flipping it over when not using it. I know this is a bit of a copout but it only takes a second...
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    Touch cover replacement horror story

    I can only say I had the total opposite experience when I called them (the UK office) about the same problem. Return label was emailed within mins of my phone call. I had my replacement touch cover in a few days. Really pleased with the service I got.