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    Recovery Image (isn't available)

    @bmazloum - My warranty expired in November and I just tried to download the recovery image without a problem. It also worked for me a couple of weeks ago. Something else is wrong? Signed into your MS account and have the device registered to that account? Are you trying to do this from outside...
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    Exersizing Microsoft Complete Extended Service Plan for Surface Pro

    Rich, my experience was completely painless. Went to the MS Store where I bought my S3P with cracked screen and was handed a replacement and out in less than ten minutes. They even didn't charge me the deductible so I paid exactly $.00. Good luck and let us know how your experience turns out. Rob
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    Dead battery in SP3. Impossible to get it serviced by Microsoft

    Very good experiences with Complete myself. Apple-like service with a smile.
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    Bitlocker recovery key -failed to unlock

    Use the link on this page to get your key from the MS repository on another computer and type it in. Find my BitLocker recovery key - Windows Help - Yes, it's a bunch of typing but it should unlock you.
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    FAT32 SD card

    If you don't already have a backup of everything on the card make one now on the machine where it can be read. Then I'd suggest plugging your card reader with the card in question on the Surface and checking Disk Management to see if it appears and is healthy/primary partition. If not there...
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    Secure Erase SSD

    Since we've dredged this up again, I have a question and comments. Isn't any drive that is Bitlocker encrypted impossible to decrypt without the key stored on the MS server or elsewhere? So, while it's not a bad idea to use the option in reset to clear the drive and re-encrypt with a new...
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    Waking from sleep mode

    I had the same issue. It disappeared when I did an accidental damage replacement for unrelated reasons. What seemed to fix it temporarily was to do a force restart or two button shutdown per this article...
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    Having problems with time sync

    I began having this problem a week or two ago and at the same time found a serious problem with my SSD so returned to the MS Store for a warranty exchange. The SSD problem was that Chkdsk would not complete past 14% followed by an automatic startup repair. The SSD itself was extremely hot per...
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    @leeshor is right but I plan to do a clean install after upgrading. It's a good opportunity to have a nice clean system. Also, I don't plan to be in a hurry do upgrade my main computer since my livelihood depends on it. A few weeks won't hurt. I have a Virtualbox copy to play with.
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    Improving SSD performance

    @Citanic - thank you. After an image backup I installed & ran the utility without incident. The Surface did get stuck at the boot screen with the words Surface and a continuously moving circle. After a half hour or more I hit the power button for 30 seconds and rebooted. HD Tune Pro report...
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    Improving SSD performance

    Bump. Any further word on the release version of the firmware update & utility? still points to an RC2 version, not a released one. Still not anxious...
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    Improving SSD performance

    @GreyFox7 +1 re: Bitlocker is very important to me and hardware assisted encryption's performance. Besides, every baked in encryption technology I've ever seen takes very little CPU to decrypt as files are accessed. Generally the hit is on encryption and I've heard/see nothing about it being...
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    Improving SSD performance

    Any word on a fully released version? Last I checked this link it had RC2, so progress. Thanks!
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    Surface Apps vs Windows Apps Advantage?

    Hi, Have seen a problem with Lastpass causing IE on Win 8+ to crash. The good news is the support from LP was very good. They gave me a patched version that fixed it very quickly. One caveat is I have LP Premium so do not know if that affected the response time and service level. You can...