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    Broadwell "U" - class of SP4 (not Core-M)

    Good to know about the SP3 throttling. I'll still probably hold off at least until I see what the SP4 will offer, but I'll keep the 3 on the table. I know the llama-mountain reference tablet had a specially designed aluminum back which allowed them to configure at 6w instead of 4.5w, which is...
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    Broadwell "U" - class of SP4 (not Core-M)

    Sorry to jump in the middle here. I posted a new topic in the general forum about the Core M and got redirected to this thread. Are the reports that heat throttling the i5/7 SP3 to the performance level of the i3 untrue? I was set to buy either the i5 or i7 versions until I read several...
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    The Pro 4 and Intel's Core M

    Been doing some light (okay, obsessive) research on the Core M based on speculation that it might be used in the Pro 4. The only products on the market right now that run the Core M are using the standard 4.5 watt TDP, so I don't think they are good to use as benchmarks for the M's potential...