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    Hooking up the SP2 to a plasma TV

    I had to make the adjustment on my TV as well. It was under picture settings for that input, its a Samsung plasma. I think I changed it from 16:9 to full screen. Just try them, it should work for you. Before I changed the setting I had like half a taskbar width of the screen cut off on all...
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    Surface Pro 2 - Still worth it?

    I didn't have my RT but for 4 months before I decided to get a SP2. I liked it way more than the SP2. It just could not be my sole computing device, I just couldn't handle the small screen and the tiny keyboard all the time and I never used the pen. Got a Yoga 2 Pro now and VERY happy and...
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    Rethinking MSFT's Strategy

    I'd love a mini, a real x86, with 4gb of ram and more importantly more than 64gb of storage. I'd pay the premium for the premium device. I just sold my sp2, the screen proved to small to be my daily driver and was too big to be that device to read with or browse the web with comfortably for...
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    Very deep scratch on top of Surface Pro 2/paint chipping very easily

    I'd personally hold out on the replacement unless they will do it for free. I know the Microsoft complete you could get it replaced for $50, but you can only do that twice. I guess if it bugs you that much, go for it. Mine has a few tiny chips by the area where you can get your finger in to pop...
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    type cover wear and tear

    My keys are just a little shiny, touchpad is like new but I never use it, I really don't like it at all. I have it disabled most of the time and use my arc mouse, otherwise I just tap away at the screen.
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    Ransomware blocked my IE

    Well, at work, our main production servers run the front end of our databases in java and will for the foreseeable future, 3rd party application, no internet access for these guys. IT wants our shared machines to exclusively use IE because they can then track 100% of the browser activity for...
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    Worried about viruses?

    My wife sure doesn't visit smut sites and she managed to get some garbage on her windows 7 laptop. Malwarebytes Pro took care of that and has kept her clean since. Facebook seems to be the #1 source of the cooties she has gotten in the past, it's what she does 99% of the time on her PC.
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    Laptop Lounging almost anywhere with the Surface Pro 2!

    Usually it's just wrenching on my ATV or one of my friend's ATV's.
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    Laptop Lounging almost anywhere with the Surface Pro 2!

    Haha the porcelain throne is a popular place. I like to take mine in the garage to stream music from my plex server and to look up stuff in PDF manuals to then reference in the paper copies. Lots easier to do a ctrl+f then flipping through hundreds of pages. The screen works with rubber gloves!
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    surface pro 2 won't update

    Or you are going to have to end up doing a refresh or reinstall of win. I had a firmware update that wouldn't go in march and I just ended up doing the reinstall of 8 as I didn't have that much installed. Fixed it, no problems since.
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    Does anyone else's touch keyboard sometimes stop working until you unhook it?

    I have had it happen a few times where I've tried to use the mouse on the keyboard and it was unresponsive and then I unhook it and hook it back up and it works.
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    metro keyboard resize

    I was reading another thread on here that died some months ago about this topic. I'm not a developer, I'm just a user interested in resizing the on screen keyboard in metro, the default one that pops up. I saw on a previous thread that there was a setting in the registry that controlled the...
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    display settings for Win 8.1 VM on surface pro 2?

    Maybe VNC? Or teamviewer? I've used virtual box for vms and they have an addon cd that is loaded in the VM that you install and the screen scales and looks great. You have to disable vpro before using virtual box.
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    About scratches and warranties.

    Worst anodization ever! I got parts on my atv that see rocks, dirt, sticks, you name it hitting them and they don't chip. I have a vinyl skin on my SP2 that I purchased in January 2014 and the edge that is on the bottom of the kickstand is starting to chip, one of the small parts not covered...
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    Cheap option for HDMI out?

    Yeah, I would just go to or amazon. I personally got mine at monoprice. Just get a mini display port to HDMI adapter, thats all it is.
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    Hopefully joining you guys soon...

    One way to find out, go here, register, punch in your serial number found on the back under the stand, and see if you can add the complete. I personally went for it and I've never purchased an extended warranty for electronic device before. With the battery non-replaceable, I figured minimally...
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    surface pro 2- usb charging

    I like to call it pretty freakin awesome! Fills the tablet niche for me better than any other device I've owned, Surface RT, Android, & iOS. It's too small for me to be my only computing device though. Its the only tablet I've been able to run handbrake on!
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    Browser lag when viewing YouTube and Gmail

    My browsing experience is much more pleasurable with Firefox in the desktop. I really like that swipe back thing in IE, but its too damn slow. Takes forever sometimes to go back, like it gets stuck trying to refresh, and why is it even refreshing, isn't why there is cache? The colors really...
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    Where do you keep your Cover 2 when not attached?

    At your moms house :shocked::shocked::shocked: Mine is on 99% of the time, otherwise its on the couch or desk or table or in the other room if my kid gets his hands on it... For work it travels in here Case Logic VNA214 14.1-Inch Laptop Attache (Black): Computers & Accessories Can...