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    Has anyone tested Network Connect - Juniper on the Surface Pro?

    Has anyone tested Network Connect - Juniper on the Surface Pro?
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    Disk Drive Inaccessible

    Beat me to it Jeff
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    Surface Pro Back Protector with Grip?

    I am going for the XO as well. I have it on my phone, since we finally got approval for a surface pro I will be getting the clear screen and a carbon fiber back. Their clear doesn't have orange peel like other kinds. The carbon fiber isn't printed but a textured material, so it should give ya grip
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    Advantages of Windowsw 8 Pro

    These will be massive in hospitals. Many IT departments in hospitals have been hesitant to use tablets because the go to is the ipad. Being able to keep their windows domains and maintain security with these tablets will be huge. Frankly I am surprised it took M$ so long.
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    xo skins, LOVE IT!!!

    My work ordered one for us to test our software on, thanks for posting the pics, I am in the process of convincing them to get these for it.
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    Anybody else feel like a SP Beta tester for MS?

    If you are first to buy or try new software, count on it. I have been in software for a decade, it is impossible to simulate every variable in the lab. The ultimate test becomes the every day user. Not everyone thinks like an engineer
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    Games by Surface Will Thrill Us All

    Will this integrate with Xbox live Arcade?
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    Difference Between the Two Surfaces

    Is there a physical outside difference between the RT and Pro? What does rt stand for?
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    Master List of Microsoft Surface Accessories

    XO Skins announced their screen protectors via Twitter Microsoft Surface Tablet Screen Protector [Microsoft Surface Screen Protector] - $15.00 : Screen Protector | Screen Protectors | Shield | XO Skins It's $10 off for a pre order. I hope they do one of carbon fiber as well. I have their black...
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    Microsoft Leaks Official Surface RT Pricing: $499 Without TouchCover; $599 With It

    Been waiting for a Microsoft Tablet to actually make the jump to a tablet. I for dang sure won't touch and ipad. Can't wait to get my hands on it.