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    Update to new OS version with USB?

    As far as I know updates in a pen drive works only if you download which update separated and install individually. New OS version works only if the machines are the same model. Processor and Ram may differ but the model has to be the same (i.e.: Dell 7559 has different configurations but the...
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    What games are you playing on your SP4?

    I got pretty impressed by the SP4 i7 performance. I tried civ 6 on high settings and works pretty good. Skyrim works on high flawlessly but the Special edition doesn't load. Xcom 1 runs on max settings with the correct screen resolution All games works fine running on 1440x900 Enviado do...
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    Suggest Bluetooth mouse

    I got the Arc Mouse and works fine. Download the Arc Touch Mouse App at windows store. It has some nice tweaks such remove the annoying wheel sound. Enviado do meu iPad usando Tapatalk
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    SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD performance

    I got one running at my SP4. It has 200gb and I use for OneDrive files and other files. It saves a lot of precious SSD space and just for read is fast enough. Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
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    Surface windows 10 upgrade

    I guess officially they won't give the free upgrade. After a little research I found using the windows upgrade tool makes the upgrade possible. I don't have a win8 device to test but worth a try. Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
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    Go on Safari - Browser

    It works great but is so outdated that isn't safe to use it anymore. Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
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    Three finger swipe on touchpad - I want it to go back and forth for webpages and explorer

    Wow! I try this on my SP4 too. The back command with two fingers are so useful I think should be default at any OS Enviado do meu iPhone usando Tapatalk
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    Should I upgrade to SP4

    I went from an i7 SP3 to an i7 SP4 and the difference is notable only in high demanding tasks as rendering in Maya or very large excel files. On daily tasks the difference is negligible. I game a little on my SP4 and with the correct graphics config you can play some older games or the some...
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    Surface Pro in Movies and TV Shows

    Dr. Strange used a Surface Pro 4 on his Movie… Enviado do meu iPad usando Tapatalk
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    Greetings from a Brazilian SP4

    Hello everyone! I recently bought an used (but almost shiny new) SP4 i7 256gb 16gb to replace my old Asus T100 I was aiming for the i5 model, but this i7 was a bargain… After some struggles changing the language from English to Brazilian Portuguese (had to make a fresh install from USB drive...