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    Surface pro as a work replacement

    Company got me a RT, I do network administration. So far I am happy. Then I talked them into getting a PRO. That is being used by a director, she loves it.
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    Experiences with Warranty Replacement?

    Had to send back my Touch keyboard, took 1 week to get the new one back. Took that to Microsoft Store and upscale for $12 for a type cover.
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    Leap Motion Controllers Now Shipping!

    Tried it on my Pro would not work, today..
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    USB 2.0 devises are not recognized on Surface Pro

    You probably will need to jailbreak it to allow for the driver to be loaded. dumb was that answer. Forgot it was a pro. My bad
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    Surface Pro wakes in bag

    With my surface pro when I click to turn off display it goes off. Then I lay the pen on the display and in a few seconds like 5 or 10 it wakes up.
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    If you were starting over...

    The SP is the best I have ever owned in tablets. It is so good we are now getting SPs at work to replace laptops. I would go buy another one if I had your senerio
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    Backing up SP in case of hardware or HD failure

    I have acronis should I setup a USB stick and boot that to run it, as normal. Then remove and insert the backup USB stick, follow the prompts.
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    3G USB Adaptor with Surface Pro

    In the pc business, we always go to the manufacturers website to download drivers. Why? Because the CD could be older then the latest website software.
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    Microsoft Surface Pro Custom Boot Screen.

    Windows 8, RT Development and Hacking - xda-developers
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    anyone else not like the touch type cover? let me count the way but....

    I have both, and the type is my favorite. The touch makes me type like an idiot, to many mistakes, mostly near the enter/ shift keys.
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    What display port monitor to use ?

    Excellent info, I will get the Dell Ultrasharp at work. They got me a RT to play wirh, so I need to show what it can do, then get SP's for the upper management.
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    What's your single biggest disappointment with the Surface Pro?

    Mine is the pen does not react well with deleting emails. Constantly have to tap to get a reaction. Everything else is perfect.
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    One the features I love and cannot believe i lived without

    OMFG I am so blind......... Thanks for showing me, I nevwr looked there. go figure... must to damn old.
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    What display port monitor to use ?

    Wow just looked at my message. I need to reread before I post. looks like i am 10, but really i am 65. thanks will google What is the DP size on thr RT as it is different on my SP. EDIT: just found out thr RT uses mini hdmi.. ARGGG why Microsoft did not make it the same as my SP...
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    Ran a couple of benchmarks on SP

    Grumpy old man.... lol yeah if it runs good who needs to benchpress.
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    One the features I love and cannot believe i lived without

    My power supply that came with mt SP does not have a place to charge my phone. Must be a newer power supply.
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    What Docking Station give best display results

    Ok well trashed the dual for later use. Went and purchased a Startech USB2DVIE2 adaptor, downloaded the drivers and BANG 3 displays. The SP, Display port to HDMI, and the USB2DVI adaptor. So happy, now my work authorized a RT for end-user testing. I would rather have a SP at work, but so happy...
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    What display port monitor to use ?

    Finally got approval to get a Surface at woek, need to know what lcd monitor has DP input and output. What are you guts usinf.?
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    Snipping tool & windows 8/desktop

    get Greenshot from works on any system
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    Pen Accuracy

    I do not notice your issue, but I am extremely annoied at the touch of the pen. Seems I have to hit hard to registwr. Many times the radio button changes color indicating a sense, but never changes to the next selection. very disappointing, I loosened up the zone of accuracy and it made a bit...