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    External Keyboard with similar touch to my Surface

    My docketing station has a Logitech keyboard attached and I find myself using the keyboard on my Surface instead. I was looking for a keyboard with a similar touch to the Surface keyboard and was wondering what others liked.
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    Sprint LTE Surface Pro Deal with Unlocked Surface

    I had problems with Sprint because their database wouldn't clear MSN. I wound up going with Teltik's tablet plan for $30 a month with unlimited LTE for my Surface. It was a little more, but it also includes 5 gigs a month in Canada which is important to me because I live close to the border...
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    What's new/changed with Surface Pro 6?

    What is going on with the LTE models on the 6?>
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    Sprint LTE Surface Pro Deal with Unlocked Surface

    Sprint is offering an unlimited deal f,or $15 a month which seems to be: (a) 23 gigs before deprioritization ; (b) unlimited 480+ video (not counted by prioritization); unlimited music (not count by prioritization); and, (c) 10 gigs of hotspot data. I'm currently paying $50 for 10 gigs of...
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    Power Bank to charge up Surface Pro (Cygnett)

    While I would would pay the $99, the 35,000 amp rating makes it over the legal limits for airplanes. I think the original poster was asking whether you could go: USB C Compatible Power Bank==> USB C Adapter => Surface
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    Surface 3 screen cracked

    I made exactly the same journey (Surface 3) to Surface Pro LTE and love the journey. I still like my Surface 3 and may use it is a travel machine on occasion. It simply didn't have any resale value. I went with the Surface Pro to streamline the number of devices I have. I hacked a copy of...
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    Surface Go section?

    I think the Surface Go has a market with LTE.i think it is a great machine for traveling, as a second machine to carry around with you and more. I used to have a Surface 3 with LTE (still have it on the shelf), but recently upgraded to a Surface Pro LTE. I travel a lot and the 3 was my travel...
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    Android on Surface Pro5

    I am using the Memu emulator. I replaced the loader with the Nova loader.
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    Text Messaging on an LTE Surface

    I have a TMobile LTE SIM in my Surface which also gives me unlimited text messaging. I would love to be able to send outbound texts, but can't figure out how to do so. Inbound texts go to the messaging app, but I can't figure out how to enable the outbound messages. I think I need to input...
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    How I Got More Bang-for-the-Buck out of Surface 3

    It really depends on what your main applications are. It should never be your only computer. You should figure out what your main applications and usage are, create a spec sheet and go from there. Samsung is in the process of releasing a new Surface competitor with a Core-M and global LTE...
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    How I Got More Bang-for-the-Buck out of Surface 3

    As an attorney who bills by the hour, I can tell you that machine has paid for itself. Are there days I wish I had a Surface 4 Pro i7 with a terabyte, 16 gigs of ram? Absolutely! The machine, however, ways no more than iPad and can be both my entertainment when I am not under the gun and a...
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    How I Got More Bang-for-the-Buck out of Surface 3

    I don't think the machine can be my main machine, but it is my morning coffee machine, take to a meeting, take on a business trip/vacation, take to court, use at night while watching tv machine, and take to bed to read a book machine. It has replaced my iPad 3 and Macbook Air 2011. I have an...
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    Surface 3 or Surface Pro 4?

    I could be wrong, but it also looks like the LTE modem is locked to Verizon. I hate it when the provider takes a kickback (ok, "facilitation payment") from cellular carriers to limit your choice on a device you pull full freight for for. I purchased the Surface 3 (and a 4 Pro was in the...
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    Surface 3 as all in one machine

    I am also a lawyer. (Please, no "first kill all the lawyers" jokes). I bought a Surface 3 LTE to be my "not at the desk machine." I have a home and office i5 Macs with large amounts of ram. I wanted something that I could replace both my Mac Air 11 inch notebook and my iPad 3 for trips...
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    LTE Surface and Text Messaging

    TMobile gives me unlimited text messaging from my Surface. I have no problem seeing the inbound text messages in Skype but for the life of me can't figure out how to send one. Do I need to set an SMS center in Skype? Would a third party app work better? What app would that be? I'm not using...
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    Using new surface pen with Surface 3?

    I keep my Surface 3 in a leather porfolio which has a pen holder, but it is a pain to get the pen in the slot.
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    A question about USB tethering my Surface 3

    If you have an old have an old cable, what about using some nail polish and coating PIN1 or gently skinning the cable and cutting the red lead and then taping it up with either heat shrink or electrical tape? PS: I was jokingly going to say just use a Micro-USB to Micro-USB cable. The power...
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    Using new surface pen with Surface 3?

    I'm looking for a steel sticker of some sort that I can stick to the side of my Surface so that the pen will stick. I'm guessing that if such a creature does exist, it won't be a rare earth magnet and it won't be a great stick.
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    reading books via kindle app on surface 3

    I use Blue Stacks as well. I found the experience far more satisfying when I replaced the Blue Stacks launcher with Google Now. I would like to hear how people configured the Ami-Duos to work with their Surface. When I ran it, it said the processor wasn't compatible, I then downloaded an app...
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    Surface 3 successor is actually Core M Surface Pro 4?

    I bought my 3 (standard) after the Pro 4 had been announced and agonized over the decision. I had have a great home work station and a really nice desktop workstation at home with dual monitors, plenty of ram, etc. I owned a Mac Air (2011) and an iPad 3 LTE. I'm a lawyer and wanted a single...