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    Surface Pro 4 2017

    Definitely the new one, with the Iris Plus graphics (and the high price!) Mike.
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    Surface Pro 4 2017

    The new (2017) one.
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    Surface Pro 4 2017

    Amazon UK have my order for an i7/16Gb/512Gb but have run out of stock before shipping. Grrrrrr... No new shipping estimate yet.
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    Which wireless mouse should I get?

    Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 works for me on my SPro4/i5/8/256. Never lost connection yet....
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    Windows 10 and Code Two Outlook Sync

    I have been using Code Two Outlook Sync successfully with 2 laptops for some months now. Both PCs are using Windows 10 and Office 2016 Today both Windows 10 and Office 2016 went through routine updates. So I now have Outlook 2016 Office Version 16.0.6965.2058 Windows 10 version 1511 Build...
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    New Hardware Updates for the SP4 5/24/2016

    Farther to my last post, I checked my Dell laptop which was updated to W10 last year when it was released and it is only showing updates installed on and after 10th February. Would there be a maximum storage limit for what is presumably some sort of log file of updates? Curious. Mike
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    New Hardware Updates for the SP4 5/24/2016

    Just discovered my Updates History in Settings only goes back to 20th April - the large batch of firmware updates that included the cameras. And I know I've had a lot more than that!! Anyone any ideas on that? I would have thought that all your updates would be detailed. Mike
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    New Hardware Updates for the SP4 5/24/2016

    They are the same as those listed by OP - Mike
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    New Hardware Updates for the SP4 5/24/2016

    I got all 6 updates on my SP4 this morning. No issues. I guess I've been one of the fortunate majority who have had a trouble free unit from day 1 of the SP4 release in the UK last year. Mike
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    Which Surface Pro 4 issues remain?

    The only issue I have is the scaling with some software packages. I know there's a workaround been mentioned but I will not mess with the registry editor. OK, chicken! Everything else is fine & has been since release date in the UK, though I don't know about any sleep issues - I never use it...
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    Firmware Update

    Latest firmware for SP4 installed this morning (UK). Seemed to need an extra restart, otherwise everything ok so far. All in all my Surface has given me no problems since day 1 (touch wood!). Same for Windows 10.
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    Windows 10586.71 Successfully Landed on SP4

    Arrived 18.00 this evening without problems. Now run it for a while. Mike.
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    Solved Adobe Suite Too Small - Currently unusable for the only reason I bought it

    The easy option is to lower the screen resolution. Happens with some programmes. My Novastor backup suffers like this.
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    MS website claims up to 9 hours of video?

    It's just advertising speak - same as broadband ISPs do with speeds and car adverts do with mpg figures. No-one really expects to get the quoted values in the real world surely?
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    New Firmware Updates (Number, Date and what problems solved)

    Guess I struck lucky with my I5 8gb 256gb because it worked right straight out of the box. No intrusive fan, runs cool, a little bit of display problems with advert heavy websites, but not since adding adblock plus to Firefox. I never use sleep/hibernate, prefer just to switch off - since the...
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    Windows 10 10586.29 update

    Just had the above update on my Surface 4 - anyone know what it involves? Mike.
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    Iyour windows update working? 0x80070643

    I had this error on my Surface 4 but not on my other 2 windows 10 PCs. Solved the install by running the suggested administrator cmd method suggested elsewhere. Mike.
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    Screen resolution - text size

    225% with default resolution - suits my old eyes better! Mike
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    Which Antivirus

    I have used Windows defender for ages now - haven't seen anything nasty get through yet. Used Avast before that. Mike.
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    5ghz / router

    Yes - the router supplied by TalkTalk for their fibre broadband. I also use a NotePro 12 (Android) on 5ghz - everything else uses 2.4. I've not seen any wifi problems since day 1 (12th Nov). Mike.