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    i7 512 Battery life

    RE: SP3 i7 512: The unit went from 100% battery charge to auto-shutoff this afternoon in 1:10 or less (I found it off when I returned from a trip at lunch and it showed 5% battery when I plugged it in and rebooted). When I left my desk: it was wi-fi connected. The only open program was...
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    SP3 i7 Fan runs most of the time

    RE: i7 512 SP3: Is it normal for the fan to run most of the time? It comes on whenever there is substantial disk activity - such as a data file sync to a NAS. I can hear the fan quite distinctly. The MS store person told me that their fans never run - and even if they do they are...
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    Docking Station and USB 3 hub? What works?

    I have a SP 2 512 with the Microsoft Docking Station. Has anyone had a USB 3 hub work when attached to the USB 3 port on the Microsoft Docking Station? Of the 3 I have tried so far - none will power up a USB 3 video adapter (whether VGA or Display Port or HDMI). I can get USB 2 video...