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    Surface Pro3 with 2 external displays

    Yes, it works fine. I have a dock with HDMI and DVI output and so have one monitor running from each. If I turn the screen of one off, the system adjusts itself to the SP3 and one screen automatically. DisplayLink seems to manage all that brilliantly. I have a different set up at a different...
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    Good SP3 Case?

    If you want something really lightweight and slim, the Acme 11" MacBook case is an excellent case both with and without the SP3 keyboard. (Apologies for mentioning an A word in here!!)
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    Using the Surface Pro 3 to develop software

    Thank you! This has been bugging me for AGES - my cat stood on the keyboard at somepoint and locked Fn but I couldn't undo it (I use the functions way more frequently than F keys I've discovered!)
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    Post Your SP3 WiFi/Internet Issues Here

    I have had this wifi problem with Win8.1 on two different machines (Surface Pro3 i7 and Saumsung Ativ 7) and it seems to have been resolved by reverting to an older driver for the WiFi - I tried a shedload of other "solutions" first but this seems to have resolved it for me at least :) You'd...
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    Post Your SP3 WiFi/Internet Issues Here

    Hadn't really noticed any WiFi issues until today when it just kept saying limited connection (after turning WiFi on an off, forgetting connection, restarting router, restarting SP3). Finally decided to uninstall the Marvel Adapter and hey presto, working ok again!
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    Best docking station for SP3 (multiple display option)

    I had a lovely set up, with a Plugable UD 160 dock (only USB2.0) running my Dell 27" but after a windows update yesterday, it's now claiming that the USB2.0 device can't run from a USB3.0 port! Have contacted Plugable about it but just annoyed at wasting time unplugging every cable and...
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    I beat the heat on the i7 SP3, but at what cost?

    I had an overheat auto shut down today :( It was syncing files over wifi but I think the case it was in may be to blame as I've continued working the same way (syncing with work computers) but without the case and it is nowhere near as hot (or even noisy!). I'm hoping it was the case and not the...
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    New member alert! Sam and her shiny new Pro 3

    Thanks GreyFox7, I shall read ALL about OneNote (at some point...!) Is it bad that I saved those links to Evernote?!
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    New member alert! Sam and her shiny new Pro 3

    I did see someone mention this but it seems to have some issues, so I'll sit out until there is a decent solution!
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    How Secure is Your Keyboard Pen Loop?

    I ended up buying a case (for protection in transit mostly) that happens to come with a pen loop (along top edge) so I'll be using that. Just as well seeing as my pen stick on pen loop was never going to stick to anything as it was packed, already stuck to the instructions booklet! I did call up...
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    Mini displayport adapters that WORK

    I ended up buying two different ones as I mistakenly bought one with a full DP instead of VGA and it was going to cost more to send back (plus the hassle). That is a Akord MiniDP to HDMI/DVI/DP from Amazon. The other is a Patuoxun miniDP to HDMI/ DVI/ VGA also from Amazon. Both the adapters...
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    New member alert! Sam and her shiny new Pro 3

    I've been using Evernote for a really long time now so it's going to be a hard sell to get me to convert...! Who's up for the challenge?! (I have already found out that you can import OneNote notes into Evernote so perhaps I'll actually use both?)
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    Programs that causes SP3 to run hot

    As others have mentioned already, syncing files (e.g. dropbox) seems to make it really hot, but now the sync has finished (17gb of stuff!) it's quiet and cool again. Not noticed anything else since the sync finished yet!
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    Mini displayport adapters that WORK

    I've got a couple of these adapters on the way so will report on how they perform. Currently using a USB display widget to connect SP3 to DVI monitor and that works fine obviously although resolution is lower than expected on external monitor...
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    UK Owners

    I got mine yesterday which was a nice surprise as I'd only bitten the bullet to buy it on Wednesday! I got it direct from Microsoft Store due to Student discount (plus another deal with basically paid for my keyboard, yay!). Am pretty impressed - went for i7/256. Was very hot and noisy when...
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    OFFICIAL I Now Have a Surface Pro 3 i7

    Got mine yesterday - bought direct from Microsoft online (love student discount!). It is hotter and noisier under load than I'd expected but I'm loving it so far. Bit gutted that the pen holder that came with the keyboard was stuck to the paper instructions it came with so I can't stick onto the...
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    New member alert! Sam and her shiny new Pro 3

    Hi All Had my SPro 3 delivered yesterday and have mostly got it set up now. So far am impressed but haven't done anything that interesting with it yet. Bit disapointed that I can't change the top button on the pen to open Evernote instead of OneNote but I'm sure someone will have a workaround...