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  1. CrippsCorner

    Surface event yesterday!

    Thanks for the notes. That's a real shame about the fans as it's one of my favourite features about my 2017 model! Seems like a backwards step? Luckily I invested in a NAS last year so the need for additional storage is negated, which is really lucky seeing as though they seemed to have removed...
  2. CrippsCorner

    Surface event yesterday!

    Hi all been a while since I've been on here :) good event yesterday; just wondered your thoughts? I've been running a Surface 2017 since it came out so am looking forward to upgrading to a Pro 8 this autumn. Probably the cheapest one going mind you seeing as though prices have increased across...
  3. CrippsCorner

    Surface Headphones

    Can't see any discussion about the Surface Headphones on here. I've just ordered some as a birthday present to myself... quite excited. My only concern is being a glasses wearer; I've never had over-ear headphones before, usually preferring on-ear; hopefully they'll be alright. Anyone else got...
  4. CrippsCorner

    Surface Pro (2013) vs Surface Pro 6

    I upgraded from the original Surface Pro to the 2017 model (both bought on release day) and it's a great improvement - Mainly in terms of screen size, backlit keyboard, fanless processor and the number one improvement for me - Infinite angle kickstand. However in terms of quality control it's...
  5. CrippsCorner

    Surface Pro Hate

    That is true but the Surface stand does cut into my legs! I find after about 15 minutes I need to place a towel or something underneath it. Still, I rarely use it like that. On my sofa it fits perfectly on the arm (which is completely flat) it's so perfect... almost made for it, and strangely...
  6. CrippsCorner

    Constant 'Low Disk Space' error...

    It's definitely not an SD card, as there's not one installed in that machine... partition I haven't looked at. Is there an easy way to delete this? I used to use PartitionMagic but not even sure if that's a thing any more!
  7. CrippsCorner

    Constant 'Low Disk Space' error...

    I looked this up the other day, it's: Local Disk (D:) 47.3 MB free of 449 MB But when I go in there: This folder is empty. Not even anything when I include hidden stuff! Got no idea what it is or why it's there o_O
  8. CrippsCorner

    Strange audio problem! Not recognised but can force it...

    I'm guessing the track-skipping is just due to it not finding an audio device to playback through though, as I mentioned audio wasn't working from anything, not just Groove. The only similar problem I've had in the past was a couple of times my SD card wasn't recognised, but in those instances I...
  9. CrippsCorner

    Strange audio problem! Not recognised but can force it...

    Hi this has happened a couple of times now... Basically power on, open Groove and try to play a track - What happens is it quickly skips around 20-30 tracks and eventually says it cannot play due to no audio device found. I tried another source (YouTube) and the track would play, but there was...
  10. CrippsCorner

    Just got the Surface Laptop2

    Wow that's taken a beating! I've been using my alcantara keyboard for coming up to 2 years now and it hardly looks worn at all... mind you that's on probably 7-8 hours usage per week. How are you finding the screen ratio on a laptop? I much prefer the 3:2 on my Pro to my partners 18:10 laptop.
  11. CrippsCorner

    Are there any SP5 models WITHOUT lightbleed?

    Yes, sorry, to clarify... I have lightbleed at the bottom of my Surface. All the way along the bottom, corners and in the middle.
  12. CrippsCorner

    Chrome running very poorly on my Surface... who's to blame?

    Thought I had tried this before, but did again... alas no change. Surface on Twitter have told me to download their diagnostics tool. Not sure it's going to help but we shall see!
  13. CrippsCorner

    Are there any SP5 models WITHOUT lightbleed?

    Yes, I mean it's the same in the corners and the middle...
  14. CrippsCorner

    Chrome running very poorly on my Surface... who's to blame?

    Hi so if I'm scrolling Chrome with touch, it hesitates and jolts constantly... horrible experience. If I use the touchpad it'll occasionally stop completely, and will not carry on scrolling until I move it via touch then resume. When I dock the Surface, and use my mouse and external monitor...
  15. CrippsCorner

    Constant 'Low Disk Space' error...

    Hello, this is driving my mother mad! Every day, multiple times, a pop up appears: Low Disk Space You are running out of disk space on Local Disk (D:). Click here to see if you can free any space on this disk. I noticed she had less than 10% space left... so deleted stuff until it was above...
  16. CrippsCorner

    Are there any SP5 models WITHOUT lightbleed?

    Mine is completely uniform from the bottom, about 2cm up... really noticed it on a presentation I was watching on a training course the other week! :(
  17. CrippsCorner

    Frequent BSOD on Surface Pro 2017

    I'm still yet to see a Surface Book close up! Neither my local Currys, or John Lewis have them... seen the Surface Go though (and Pixel 3, Google Home Hub etc.) Where abouts in the country are you?
  18. CrippsCorner

    Christmas Wish

    I would love some Surface Headphones but unfortunately they're well over budget!
  19. CrippsCorner

    microSDXC pros/cons?

    Same I've got a SanDisk which has caused no problems with my SP5, although it was in my SP1 previously and did need reseating every now and then!
  20. CrippsCorner

    Constant ticking/clicking noises

    I wonder if this routes back to a problem these machines have been having for a long time! I made this thread over on Windows Central about my problems on SP5: Noisy processor! - Windows Central Forums Which also links to someone else having similar issues on SP4: Fan noise and...