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  1. El Chorizo

    Magnetic Charger Falls Out Too Easily

    You may be able to make it stronger with the advice of #2 on this page: Strengthen Weak Magnet | How to Make Magnets Stronger | Magnet Store
  2. El Chorizo

    New to the forum

    Welcome to the site, quite the collection you have!
  3. El Chorizo

    Surface Forums - Site Upgrade!

    Seems like the upgrade process went smoothly.
  4. El Chorizo

    Welcome to the Surface Laptop 2 Forum

    Here's a nice teaser video for the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2
  5. El Chorizo

    Welcome to the Surface Studio 2 Forum

    Here's a nice little teaser video for the Microsoft Surface Studio 2:
  6. El Chorizo

    Welcome to the Microsoft Surface Go Forum

    Awesome, let us know when it comes in and how you like it. A review would be awesome!
  7. El Chorizo

    Welcome to the Microsoft Surface Go Forum

    This forum has been created for the discussion of the upcoming Surface Go!
  8. El Chorizo

    Awesome deal on a monitor

    Wow... this is a pretty good monitor and at a great price:
  9. El Chorizo

    Welcome to the Surface Pro 2017 Forum!

    This section is dedicated to the 2017 model Surface Pro
  10. El Chorizo

    Bloomberg article on the Surface Laptop

    Looks like Bloomberg thinks it will be a success, good article here: Take a Look at Microsoft’s Slick, New Laptop
  11. El Chorizo

    Welcome to the Windows 10 S Forum

    Looking forward to the upcoming 'S' series of Windows 10? This is the forum to discuss the all new Windows 10 S Operating System.
  12. El Chorizo

    Welcome to the Microsoft Surface Laptop Forum

    This is the new section dedicated entirely to the all new Microsoft Surface Laptop! Discuss anything Surface Laptop related in this forum.
  13. El Chorizo

    Microsoft Begins Offering Surface Membership Plan

    I think it is neat that Microsoft is offering this. Some businesses would love to be able to pay for this device over a period of time instead of one lump sum up front.
  14. El Chorizo

    Surface Phone and Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Update Coming April 2017

    Microsoft has a good thing going with the Surface name, makes good sense to capitalize on it with a phone. I hope they do better with it than they did with previous phone attempts.
  15. El Chorizo

    Windows 10's Facial Recognition Can Even Distinguish Between Identical Twins

    Strange, I can't imagine twins not defeating it. If some humans can't tell the difference how can the algo?
  16. El Chorizo

    Inappropriate ads being served

    Can you get screenshots of the inappropriate ads. Also make sure you are logged in, you will see some ads as a guest that you won't see if you are logged in.
  17. El Chorizo

    The "Official" I got my Surface 3 thread

    Congrats on the orders guys!
  18. El Chorizo

    Microsoft's Surface 3 is Now Available in Several Global Markets Starting at $499

    Not a bad price for what you get. Anyone have one on order?
  19. El Chorizo

    Windows 10 Briefing Part 1: Free for Windows 8 and Windows 7 Users

    I think Microsoft was pretty much forced into this because Apple gives out the OS for free as well. So that dries up a major source of revenue for Microsoft. They still "sell" the OS on new machines, but you have to wonder when that will go away as well. Their OS market share is slowly eroding...