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  1. malberttoo

    Should install anti-virus on Surface Pro 4?

    1 Yes 2 Yes, there's one mentioned in this thread, and a quick forum (or Google) search will give all the info you could want. 3 Yes, but I don't trust it, unless you are a very cautious and discriminating web surfer.
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    Welcome to the forum! Let us know how it goes, how you like it, and don't hesitate to ask questions!
  3. malberttoo

    Scratched my surface book after one week

    The terms of Microsoft Complete can be found here. You'll notice as seen below, that the terms specifically prohibit coverage on any pre-existing defect that was caused by you, or damage that is known to you:
  4. malberttoo

    **UPDATE: Battery Issue: Brought Into MS Store... Suggestions?

    Sounds like you have your answer, time to upgrade... :D
  5. malberttoo

    I got my SP4 10 minutes ago.... I'm stuck on the boot screen

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy... :D We expect others to come here to this board with their issues, but yeah it's always a little cringe-worthy when one of US experiences something major like this!! :(:(
  6. malberttoo

    Surface Pro 4 Vs Ipad Pro

    Moved to proper forum.
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    Microsoft Surface Book vs. Surface Pro 4 MobileTechReview

    Yes she's one of my favorites as well.
  8. malberttoo

    Is Recovery Partition Clean??

    Thanks Lee, hadn't heard of that before but I love finding new utilities!
  9. malberttoo

    Is Recovery Partition Clean??

    I have a buddy who just got a new XPS 13 but it's from Dell (as opposed to a Signature Edition from the Microsoft Store) so it's got a ton of crapware on it. He wants to do a clean install. It has Windows 10 on it. Do any of you guys know if the recovery partitions on those kinds of devices...
  10. malberttoo

    Surface Connect

    It wouldn't surprise me. It's been a staple on wish lists since SP1.
  11. malberttoo

    Muscle Wire - Removing the Screen

    Completely agree with this. @SeanP, the only way to guarantee that you get a new unit is to completely return your existing one for a refund, pronto. It will be a pain yes, because you will probably have to wait a little bit for new stock to arrive, but then you can be confident you're getting a...
  12. malberttoo

    Day 2 with SB - Uh Oh

    I wouldn't go that far. Everything has issues when it's first released, and no doubt without Panos' passion for the devices to begin with, we wouldn't even have a Surface Pro 3, 4, or Book.
  13. malberttoo

    Forum for Book Owners moving on from SP3?

    I sold my SP1 on eBay. Got a good price for it, and the guy that bought it was really glad to get it, his first MS product. They're not all sketchy... :D (and I buy a ton of stuff eBay as well!) Edit- not to diminish our own Buy/sell/trade forum, as Lee posted above...
  14. malberttoo

    Forbes just quoted you guys on SB Problems - lol

    Definitely some problems, but not too bad. SP3 was the worst, with combined issues with Connected Standby and the horrible Marvel WiFi/BT adapter. I think I'd always expect some issues of a new device at launch, but we also have to keep in mind that this site is partly a hospital, where folks...
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    Glad you're liking it!
  16. malberttoo

    Surface Book aspect ratio beats competition

    I love the 3:2 aspect ratio, and 16:10 is what I use for my desktop monitors.
  17. malberttoo

    I5 versus I7 thoughts

    Just out of curiosity, and maybe I missed something, but why are you replacing your old HP with a Surface? I'm just thinking you could get a similarly spec'd laptop for a lot less than a Book.
  18. malberttoo

    Surface Book is a disappointment.

    Or Microsoft :D Windows Mobile back in the day was KING. Then MS got lazy and complacent and assumed that they'd always be on top.
  19. malberttoo

    Text on SP3 is too small

    Welcome stuka! I've renamed your post to make it more clear what your issue is, and moved it to the right section.