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  1. jnjroach

    SP 4 - Ghosting

    If possible, I would download the Recovery Image directly from Microsoft and reinstall it with the image.
  2. jnjroach

    I guess Surface Pro 8 or Surface Pro 9 owners aren't that active?

    I don't have permissions to add forums, and the ones that did are gone - sorry. I will try to reach out directly to ForumFoundry
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    Anyone plan to buy Surface Pro 9?

    I found the Pro X to overheat a bit easier than the Pro 9 doing more intensive tasks, but it did well for single screen productivity work. The PowerPoints are created by our design teams who love to embed high-fidelity video in our decks
  4. jnjroach

    Anyone plan to buy Surface Pro 9?

    Currently the Power BI Desktop is still x64 Architecture, so it would run in emulation, I installed it on my Pro 9 5G and like most virtualized x64 Apps, it takes a bit to open but once open it runs fine, I was able to connect to our Power BI Data and pull down our data source, build reports...
  5. jnjroach

    Anyone plan to buy Surface Pro 9?

    I've been using it sense Wednesday, runs as well as my Pro 8 even though it's the ARM SoC. Battery life is much better and the 5G connection was faster than my office WiFi. I'm running the Beta Ring for Office and Dev Channel for Windows 11.
  6. jnjroach

    Is anyone using the Intel dynamic refresh rate drivers on SP8?

    I've used them, they work OK but has caused some instability with some artifacting and screen-tearing
  7. jnjroach

    Anyone plan to buy Surface Pro 9?

    I have the pro 9 5G on preorder, weird part, they offered me $200 for Pro X trade-in and only $180 for my Pro 8. So, I'm trading my Pro X and selling my Pro 8 personally.
  8. jnjroach

    So... Windows 11!

    I don't usually interact with Android Apps with mouse and keyboard, I tried and there is some stuttering, but I use the apps in tablet mode
  9. jnjroach

    So... Windows 11!

    Sorry, yes at least in the Insider Channel, I would assume that it is included in the new release of Windows 11
  10. jnjroach

    Cannot use internal display and external display at once

    Any pending updates (Firmware, Hardware Updates, etc.) on the device that is misbehaving? Honestly for most issues, I do a factory reset it tends to be quicker.
  11. jnjroach

    Surface Pro 8 Memory Errors

    You can boot from USB using the Under the Updates - Recovery - Advanced Startup and then choose to boot from USB.
  12. jnjroach

    Windows 11 - No Hibernate After Sleep Setting?

    You can set it still using the CMD Line or PowerShell - (use an elevated prompt) powercfg on -h This has reestablished the Hybrid S0iX and Hibernation on my Surface Devices
  13. jnjroach

    Old pens not syncing

    Are you saying that they won't pair with your new device? Do they work inking? A couple of troubleshooting techniques - Reboot the pen by removing the nib and battery and putting them back in Replace the Quad-A battery
  14. jnjroach

    Outlook links

    Internet Explorer is deprecated and only supported by Business Customers paying for extended support and Office 2007 has reached the end of support as well. URL handling has changed enormously since the mid-2000s. Upgrading to a newer version or switching to Mail or is your best bet.
  15. jnjroach

    End of Type Cover?

    I think you are seeing the impact of the supply-chain issues that are impacting the Tech Sector, I do believe we see restock but it will most likely target enterprise and corporate customers.
  16. jnjroach

    Surface Pro X Windows 11 has problems after upgrading

    Check Windows Update, there was an installer and launch bug in Windows 11, a patch was deployed in the last day or so...
  17. jnjroach

    Surface Pro keyboard not available?

    You can buy them on Amazon from 3rd Party Resellers. But there does appear to be a parts shortage in the channel for legacy Pro typecovers.
  18. jnjroach

    Windows 11 - No Hibernate After Sleep Setting?

    The Legacy Power Control Panel is still available, access via Windows File Explorer
  19. jnjroach

    Surface Pro 8 with 32 GB Ram?

    I only see this for people who want to flex :D In all seriousness - If you are a AI/ML Developer or a Professional Photographer or Artist using Raw files I could see the 32GB of RAM coming in handy.
  20. jnjroach

    Surface Pro 7+ vs Surface Pro 8?

    I've been using the SP8 since Tuesday and it is by far the best Windows 2 and 1 I've used. Enhancements over the Pro7+ 120Hz Screen 13" display that is the best panel I've seen on a Surface New Digitizer Slim Pen 2 with haptic feedback 2 TB4 ports allow for further upgrades and use cases...