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    Trade in SP2 for money off a SP3?

    I purchased a Surface Pro 2 at the turn of the new year, however the Surface Pro 3 has now been announced and I would absolutely love to upgrade to the beautiful new device. Does anybody know if Microsoft, or any other UK retailers will offer a trade in program to trade in my Surface Pro 2 and...
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    Surface now hibernates instead of sleeping.

    Yep this fixed it, thanks!
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    Surface now hibernates instead of sleeping.

    Since the recent firmware update, I have found that my Surface Pro 2 no longer goes to sleep when I close my Type Cover 2 or press the power/lock button; it instead appears to hibernate. Before the update, when I closed my Type Cover 2 and then came back and opened it later on, the Surface would...
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    Surface Pro 2 gets warm whilst playing Project Spark

    So I've had my SP2 for just over a week and today I fired it up and installed the Project Spark Beta, within 3 minutes I heard the fans pick up speed which my Surface has never done before, and when I felt the back it was warm although not to an alarming level or anything. I was just surprised...