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  1. gjvah

    Windows RT Online Store?

    Ah, so it's not me. Thanks. There must be a way to do it though. Another thing I noticed, is some people are reviewing apps that are not in the app store. Sketchbook for example, they're saying is a must have RT app, and I can't even find it in the store.
  2. gjvah

    Windows RT Online Store?

    Is there a way to access the RT store from a regular desktop? Like google play, where you can review and purchase apps directly from your desktop and have them sent to your device. I wan't to get a few items, but I don't have my surface with me. I wanna do some research on the specific apps, so...
  3. gjvah

    Need Service or Repair: Good Luck.

    I've had the opposite experience. I've never had serious hardware failures on MS hardware. In fact the only thing that ever broke was xbox 360, and they handled everything as promised. On a side note, my MS Sidewinder keyboard has suffered a few spills, a TV falling on it (wall mounted 42", long...
  4. gjvah

    [GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

    I'll be using it for both business and pleasure.
  5. gjvah

    Touch Cover vs Type Cover

    I played with both at the MS store, ended up getting the type cover. There is a lot of feedback, considering the super thin profile of the keyboard. Very impressed.
  6. gjvah

    Surface Case Reviews

    Ha, I got the same exact case from the MS store. It's a bit too big for the surface by itself, but it's a good fit with the type cover attached. Without the cover, the tablet slides around too much, the cover's texture makes it more snug. It's a very, very well built sleeve, especially the...
  7. gjvah

    Hello from LA

    Hello guys, glad to see there's a functioning, active forum. Anyone know of an MS store in the LA area besides the one in the Westfield Mall? I live in Hollywood, and it's a very long drive, especially in traffic. (although worth it). BTW, I got the 32GB version, and a type cover. I played...