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    Bent Surface Book clipboard! WTF?

    Mine doesn't have that shape, but instead the clipboard has a banana shape to it with both sides bent out a bit. It's actually the second that I've seen with this same thing. Works fine and isn't a "problem" exactly, but curious what is going on. The two I've seen came out of the box like that.
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    Major update - Major pain in the arse

    Did a clean install on my SBook, running great, very pleased. Did an update instead on my desktop, went smoothly as well. I'm liking the new Windows distribution/update method so far.
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    Wifi/bluetooth when base is detached/attached

    I've actually not noticed this on my SB w/dGPU. I've got a 300Mbps connection and can consistently pull 275+ with or without the base attached and while using a Bluetooth mouse. It will download from Steam using built in WiFi at 35-40MBPS, which is maxing out my 300Mbps connection. In fact, my...
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    Would Microsoft Sell Surface Book 2 Base Only?

    Yep, I'd agree with above... while a cool option it would be, I can't see it working with such a small amount of customers that would go that route and the tech support nightmares it could create. Plus, I dare say the base wouldn't be much cheaper than if you just sold your existing SB and...
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    I5 8gb 256gb with dgpu - Witcher 3 performance in 720p?

    I haven't even bothered to install Witcher 3 on my i7, it simply won't run enjoyably. Fallout 4, Battlefield 4 and GTA V play really well and tons of older games of course, but Witcher 3 is just too demanding. There are a couple of videos on Youtube you could check out of gameplay. I'm...
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    CPU Temp Reaching 100° Celsius

    Compare them to HWInfo64, it's what I've used on all my machines for years, including my SB. Works great, and tells you everything you could ever want to know. Plus it's free and updated regularly. HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download
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    Bunch of Updates!!!

    And that was that lol
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    Camera does not turn on

    Have the same issue, the only thing that fixed mine (and I tried everything else in that thread mentioned above) was disabling Fast Boot. It now works every time. Weird solution, hopefully we'll get an update soon to fix this properly. It is a great feature when it works though!
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    I have a SP4 thinking of a Surface Book need thoughts!

    I agree with the above, it's hit or miss it seems with either (and honestly has been since the SP1 first came out). I had great luck with my SP3, minimal issues since launch and has been rock solid the past year, but many others had problems. I bought a SB a couple weeks ago to replace my SP3...
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    Surface Book bulge

    So I can only assume this is a failed battery that expanded and bloated the case? Jeff, while I know you are wed to MS, is this of concern to the rest of us? I know from my Radio Control Airplane days (before "Drone" was the cool term and everything flew it's damn self ha) batteries expanded...
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    Magnetically attaching SP3 pen to SP3

    Mine is a bit more secure using the bottom magnets versus the side.
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    Mouse. Less battery drain Blu-tooth or Wireless

    You sure about this? I've been very happy with my MS Arch Touch Surface Edition Bluetooth mouse on a couple of machines now and have never had this issue. I can for example hold right button to zoom and tap left to fire. The MS Arc Touch Surface Edition has both a right and left button...
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    Postponing Gratification....

    Wait for Broadwell if you aren't in a need to buy situation and care about performance, it will only improve things! Unfortunately, I sold my SP2 (which I loved and performed magnitudes better at heavy lifting compared to even the i7 SP3) to pay for the SP3 as I never expected the performance...
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    Pure salesmanship... perhaps the 20% faster we were to open our wallets ha
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    Its not even the CPU 15W TDP that is the limiting factor, its a separate controller that gimps the performance to keep something else cooler. See this post and watch his video for a clear picture of what is going on. Bottom line, the SP3 is simply an inferior performing machine by a design...
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    Grumpy nailed it, the SP2 is great for what it is and performs awesome. Unfortunately, the SP3 simply doesn't.
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    Woo Hoo. Stickerboy skins for the Surface Pro 3 (now Surface Pro 4)

    Or, the skins trap the heat like an insulation blanket below the surface and that's why it feels cooler to the touch. That review above references the SP2 chassis which has much more thermal headroom to begin with. I see the metal chassis as a heat sink.... and, while it may not matter much, I...
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    i7 benchmarks & tests

    Exactly what Microsoft needs to see, and others need to realize.... I can't figure out why Microsoft even offers an i7 other than to take advantage of those that don't know better.... shame on you Microsoft! We expect better from such a fine line of products.
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    Please don't put that horrible thought in my head!!!! That's why I'm so vocal across the board regarding throttling... it's not that I don't still love the Surface line, I just HATE a new version that is SLOWER THAN THE LAST!!! MICROSOFT pay attention! You call it the Surface PRO for a reason! :)
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    Surprisingly Bad Gaming Performance

    That summarizes EXACTLY what I was expecting as well... not better, but similar performance to my SP2. Unfortunately, that is not the case. But, the lighter weight and new screen size are great improvements. The SP4 with Broadwell will be the one to get!