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  1. GerardT84

    Surface Pro Gaming (Videos Inside)

    Steam games run well. I love playing The Walking Dead on the Surface Pro 3.
  2. GerardT84

    Design Defect?

    Kundas1 you having a good day over there? was just a question.....and based off my research, the most appropriate place to ask it was here.
  3. GerardT84

    Design Defect?

    Hello, Does anybody else's Microsoft Surface have what looks to be something stuck between the two vents at the top of their surface screen? Pic below.
  4. GerardT84

    Router for SP3

    an easy to use, super fast setup, always strong signal in the Apple Airport Extreme 2013.
  5. GerardT84

    Surface Pro 3 Popularity - My Observations

    I frequent a coffee shop after work a few times a week just to kick back....and whenever I bring the Surface Pro 3 in there it definitely turns heads and people have asked me what machine do I have or if that is a keyboard attachment to a tablet. The convenience, power, and portability of the...
  6. GerardT84

    Where do you keep your pen?

    so the pen loop is magnetic??i thought it was stuck on there through a seal or something.
  7. GerardT84

    So...has the SP3 replaced your laptop?

    I can walk into coffee shops and book stores and hook up easier than ever with the SP3. I still have my laptop (2014 Dell XPS 15) but the SP3 is becoming my go to device more and more each and every day.
  8. GerardT84

    OFFICIAL I just got my SP3

    I've been on the Surface Pro 3 128gb i5 for 2 days and I love it. Was going between a MacBook air and this machine and I have to say that I am very impressed. The keyboard allows you to handle any kind of work you need to do, the hinge is very sturdy, and the machine feels like it is a very...