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    Free touch or type cover

    cant wait till they do this for Surface Pro
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    256GB Surface Pro !!! launches in Japan on June 7th

    i wanna buy 1 so bad, i dont care about sp v2 w/ haswell as long as they release new accessories for sp1 (particularly battery keyboard accessory)
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    Anyone else waiting for a new Microsoft Surface Pro?

    If microsoft release keyboard+battery extender for the current SP, I will buy right NOW, even when they tell me that that SP2 w/ haswell is coming out in december. I tried the SP for 14 days, such an amazing product... except for the battery life.
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    Surface Pro has VERY good battery life - around 6 hours for me.

    I tried these exact same settings. still cannot get past 4.5 hrs.... is ur 6 hr based on predicted or actual usage time? ive been timing my self whenever im on the sp, and I cant get past 4:30 hrs.. any specific tips would b appreciated. thnc
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    Surface Pro has VERY good battery life - around 6 hours for me.

    Has anyone that claim to have 5+ hours of battery done an actual battery life test by keeping track of your usage time? Or are you all basing this on the estimated time while its at 100% charge? Because I've been doing power saver, 30% brightness, browsing, ms office, watching videos etc.. I've...