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  1. jds4300

    Feature you are really liking is....

    The Edge browser is FABULOUS! The new Start Screen is VERY GOOD! Overall, I would say that Windows 10 is Microsoft's best OS to date! Great job guys!
  2. jds4300

    Well, now I am sold

    I agree with you 1000%! My Surface 3 is running GREAT with Windows 10. The new Start Screen and the Edge browser are my favorites. I deleted, without hesitation, Firefox, Chrome and Opera within hours of browsing and setting up Edge to my liking. The Edge browser is PERFECT for all of my needs...
  3. jds4300

    Evernote is GREAT

    You are correct. I guess I'd better check out the desktop version of OneNote before I make any additional "silly" comparisons. And BTW, I have been a Windows OS user since 1990 and I HAVE NOT recently switched from Apple or Android.
  4. jds4300

    Evernote is GREAT

    The Evernote app looks great on my Surface 3. It does everything that OneNote does and more. I use it in conjunction with my iPhone, laptop and desktop. Syncing between devices is instant and works flawlessly. This app is my new go to app for pretty much everything relating to keeping my life in...
  5. jds4300

    Antivirus help please

    Webroot on my Windows 8 desktop, laptop and Surface 3. Read the reviews on Webroot. GREAT REVIEWS. I have totally kicked Norton to the curb.
  6. jds4300

    I would pay $1000 for a Surface 3 if...

    I am hoping for a Surface 4 10.8 with 4GB RAM, an i5 processor, 128GB storage. Price $700.
  7. jds4300

    SP3 i5 128GB Best Buy $799

    4 hour sale June 10 from 11am-3pm EST. Folks this is a STEAL.
  8. jds4300

    Bamboo Paper

    I'm a former iPad user. My de facto drawing and sketching app was Paper by 53. This app is not Windows compatible. Bamboo Paper is! The app is free and awesome. Drawers and sketchers will love it. I sure do. My Surface 3 is incredible.
  9. jds4300

    OneNote Alternatives for Surface 3

    I have been using Evernote for three days now. Thank you. I love it. I find it to be extremely useful and simple to use.
  10. jds4300

    Another Great Case Combo for the Surface 3

    For $7.99 from Amazon I purchased the Moko Surface 3 case. It's slim, light weight, and incorporates the kickstand. Offers full from and rear coverage. I like it, I like it a LOT! I like it so much that I have removed my UAG case which is also GREAT. I will only use the UAG case if I am...
  11. jds4300

    Pouch/Sleeve for S3

    Swiss Gear offers some great tablet sleeves on Amazon. They range in price from $10-15. There's also a $7.99 Amazom Basics sleeve available.
  12. jds4300

    The Kickstand is GREAT, however.......

    Several new offerings have appeared on Amazon that incorporate the S3 kickstand and they are slim, good looking and offer FULL coverage. Also, Swiss Gear offers some great low price tablet sleeves on Amazon.
  13. jds4300

    OneNote Alternatives for Surface 3

    The Surface Pen and OneNote are great for note taking. However, are there any alternative quick note taking apps that are compatible with the Surface Pen? Thank you in advance!
  14. jds4300

    IE vs Chrome: which is better?

    On my Surface 3 IE clearly wins. Opera, Firefox and Chrome are without question much better browsers than IE. However, due to the terrible lag that they ALL exhibit on my S3, I am FORCED to use IE. By the way, IE runs buttery smooth on the S3. I am amazed at how lousy Opera, Firefox, and Chrome...
  15. jds4300

    Question about On Screen Keyboard on S3

    I have a simple question about the on screen keyboard and my S3. When I touch the Google Search box using Opera or Chrome, the keyboard automatically opens on screen. When I repeat the process with Firefox or Internet Explorer, to get the keyboard to display I musty tap the keyboard icon. Why...
  16. jds4300

    The Kickstand is GREAT, however.......

    Not surprisingly, I couldn't afford to wait for the Hybrid either. I drove over to Best Buy to check out the UAG case for my Surface 3. Long story short, SOLD! It looks great, fits PERFECTLY and includes a perfectly fitting slot atop the case to secure the Surface Pen. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE UAG...
  17. jds4300

    The Kickstand is GREAT, however.......

    I'm really excited about the Incipio Feather and Incipio Feather Hybrid. Just ran across them today on Amazon. BOTH will suit my needs. However, the Incipio Feather Hybrid is the clear winner and I will order it as soon as it becomes available.
  18. jds4300

    The Kickstand is GREAT, however.......

    Don't get me wrong. The kickstand is a great idea, I like it. I like it a lot. I just wish I had the option to add a fully protective TPU cover for those times when I don't want the kickstand and want more protective coverage over the rear and sides of the device. I'd bet such a cover would sell...
  19. jds4300

    The Kickstand is GREAT, however.......

    I would love to have a TPU case to cover the entire rear and sides of my Surface 3. The demand for a TPU case must not be there. There are certainly none on the market, at least none on eBay or Amazon.
  20. jds4300

    What am I going to regret the most if I order the 2GB model?

    I opted for the 2GB RAM. Why? Comparison benchmarks are nearly identical between the 2 and 4GB models. Sure, you reap extra internal storage for $100 more, but you can add extra storage to either (up to 128GB) with a MicroSD card. My 2GB model runs lightning fast and without any hint of lag...