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    Compatible USB-C charger?

    Hi, I'm looking for third party USB-C charger with multiple fast charge ports to use it on the go. I've bought something like this: Baseus BS-EU910 PPS Quick Charge 4.0 3.0 PD 3.0 Fast Charger USB Phone Charger and unfortunately there is a grounding issue and the touch screen glitches all the...
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    Should I try the Core m3 Surface?

    Hi, I already posted one thread, when I was thinking about buying myself a Surface Pro 3, but "things happened" and I landed with 15 inch 2015 Macbook Pro - that I'm using at my work. As a long time Windows user I must say, that Apple life is quite great. With the exception of some...
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    Surface Pro 4 - which config for my use?

    Hi, I'm planning to get Surface Pro 4. The problem is - I'm not sure which version should I pick. Right now I'm used to two computers: At work: Dell Vostro laptop (i7-3612QM, 16GB RAM, 256SSD) At home: Desktop PC ( i7 950, 12GB RAM, GTX770, 256SSD + 2TB HDDs). I work as an Android developer. I...
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    Benefits of Surface 3 form factor?

    As far as I know, Surface Pros didn't sell that well?
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    Benefits of Surface 3 form factor?

    Well, that could work. However, as I said - I have a quite powerful rig, with desktop i7, GTX 770, 16GB RAM and lots and lots of disc space. So you know - except some Alienware gaming laptops there is no device that can beat the comfort of my computer. What I need is a mobile device for working...
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    Benefits of Surface 3 form factor?

    Hi, my current laptop got old and I'm looking for some nice replacement. I don't really need anything powerful, because at home I have a big Windows gaming rig, so basically there is no device on the market, that can beat this beast in terms of performance. What I need is a very mobile, long...