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    Mail app crashing

    Hey thanks! I'll try that!
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    Mail app crashing

    Hello! On my 32GB RT the modern Mail app keeps crashing to start screen when I launch the app. Sometimes this happens and sometimes not, and when it does, it may happen once or twice in a row before the app stays open. Anyone have the same issue? Usually I have programs open in the desktop (IE...
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    Touch cover 2 woes

    Hello, My first post here! I have a 32GB RT and I use a Touch Cover 2 as the keyboard. Sometimes the device won't recognize the keyboard and the buttons (and sometimes even the touchpad) won't register. This is easily remedied by detaching/reattaching the keyboard, but it's still annoying...
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    Greetings from Finland!

    Hello all! I just joined this forum after stumbling upon it when looking for information on the new S3. Seems like this is the place to be for a new Surface-enthusiast. My name is Henri and I currently own a 32GB RT. Looking to upgrade.