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  1. Agave Azul

    SP2 Updates - Are you kidding?

    :cool: I 2'nd that!!!
  2. Agave Azul

    Solved Lost Internet & mouse connection

    Only time I've experienced any mouse recognition issues is with the Dock. Ive had to either disconnect the wireless USB device from the Dock, and/or restart my SP2 while docked. Are you using an SP2 Dock? Pardon my ignorance, but our SP2 tablets use the 3.0 USB, correct? Could that entertain...
  3. Agave Azul

    New product announcement on the 30th?

    What's the range of this ? Meaning, is it based upon BT, where this stays in communication to your cell, or?
  4. Agave Azul

    Should I Wait For The SP4

    I never use my SP2 that hard to the pointe where the pen falls off of the side. Not sure I agree with you but I generally understand your pointe...
  5. Agave Azul

    SP2 gretting hotter after the september update.

    Had my SP2 512 for about a week now. The only thing I've noticed is that when I run a full cleanup on Disk Cleanup, this is the only time it gets warm. The fan actually turned on for the first time ever.
  6. Agave Azul

    Is the10.6 form factor dead?

    Was in the MS Store last weekend and they told me that SP2 is at "End Of Life" within their system. They no longer sell SP2 tablets in that store, no longer stocking SP2 accessories except for their remaining Type Covers. I left disappointed but I guess I understand. They told of everything...
  7. Agave Azul

    Finally bought SP2 64gb

    I've mentioned before in another thread here that my SP2 256 works wonderfully. So much so, That my GF now uses it to run her business. Got her the Docking station the other day and all she needs is to get 2 DP 1.2 monitors and she can do everything. Best part is that she removes it from the...
  8. Agave Azul

    Hello Not sure how often you read these postings here. I attempted to register over at...

    Hello Not sure how often you read these postings here. I attempted to register over at windowsphoneforum and the human verification is not working in order to complete registration there Can you assist? I am currently using an RT with 8.1 at the moment Can't find a way to PM you here, thus my...
  9. Agave Azul

    Windows RT 8.1 refurbished; brightness issue

    Thanx! I let him know what to do with your suggestions. I'll let you know how it responds... :-)
  10. Agave Azul

    OFFICIAL I Now Have a Surface Pro 3 i7

    IMHO, my SP2/256 is just fine in portability. I have done some measurements of the sp3 and tried to see its size in front of me; as I am quite mobile. The 10.1 fits for everything I do while on the go.
  11. Agave Azul

    Windows RT 8.1 refurbished; brightness issue

    ( I may have posted this in the incorrect forum-please move if needed ) Hey all. Got my friend this refurbished RT with 8.1. Runs great. However, he is now experiencing some brightness issues. What his is doing is that the screen seems to fluctuate brightness. Sometimes with the charge cord...
  12. Agave Azul

    Surface CD uploads without a driver; what to do?

    Not sure if I am posting this correctly, so bear with me. (If this is not the correct forum, please let me know!) I have an SP2. Bought my friend a refurbished RT, with 8.1 installed. My friend purchased an aftermarket machine with software installation on a CD, to attempt to use with his RT...
  13. Agave Azul

    Will SP2 get the Windows 9 ??

    JNJROACH.... Always enjoy reading your posts. Thanx for all you do here!!!!:big smile:
  14. Agave Azul

    Solved Bluetooth tethering to an iPhone 5

    Ok, I see it now. I didnt realize that my i5 had hotspot capabilities. Ill look into that. :cool2:
  15. Agave Azul

    Surface RT Carrying Case

    Sorry for the large images... I just discovered that the front of this case has another zipper pouch, with more than enough room for my cell phone. It has a few pockets inside that will allow me to carry a paper notepad, writing utensils, etc. Its light-weight and very portable. Good...
  16. Agave Azul

    Surface RT Carrying Case

    Belkin Sleeve Carry Case Model # : F8N097-BR
  17. Agave Azul

    Solved Bluetooth tethering to an iPhone 5

    I just gave this a try on my SP2. Followed submissions above, was able to sync Bluetooth from my i5 to SP2. I was unable to establish an internet connection on my tablet while in Bluetooth. I turned off WiFi on both devices but no internet connection. Thoughts...
  18. Agave Azul

    iPad 2 --> Surface 2 ...looking for tips for a good transition!

    Regarding the GPS or LTE, first thought comes to mind is when driving. I'm not one who wants to be holding my SP2 looking at maps, locations, etc while on the go. Although I own an i5 cell, I prefer handling mobile tasks using this form. The cell is smaller, something I would be more...
  19. Agave Azul

    Surface RT Carrying Case

    Surface, RT Carrying Case Just for doing so, I always prefer to protect my portable computers. With that, I went out today looking for a suitable carrying case for my new SP2. I found and purchased a Belkin 12" carry case. The SP2 fits perfectly inside one of the protective slotted...