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    Connecting arc mouse

    Is the mouse below the one you have? If so, it requires a USB transceiver. Arc Touch Mouse
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    Surface pro 4 USB Port, Type Cover stopped working after Win - Update

    Excellent. Check your messages later today for some changes I've made before you start anything.
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    Battery charge limiter experiment

    You can limit battery charging to 50% of its maximum capacity in the Surface UEFI settings menu by enabling the battery limit mode. This setting is particularly useful in situations where the device continuously receives power as a means of prolonging battery life. In addition to this, I have...
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    Clean Install

    Were you able to use the Type Cover to enter configuration information as you progressed through the Windows installation?
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    Clean Install

    You'll want to download the recovery image from Microsoft, which will bring the Surface back to the factory state. Installing the image is a two-part process that involves downloading the recovery image and creating a USB recovery drive. Refer to the links below. There is a video in the first...
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    Power button turns creen black, but not OFF

    My Go has been my bedside companion for some time now, and I've set the "Power & sleep" settings to turn off the screen after 30 minutes as I sometimes enjoy listening to a little music or a podcast before going to sleep. As a test, I configured my Surface Go to "Turn off the display" when...
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    Surface Pen Stops Working

    Thanks very much for the response. I have the Surface Pen with no pocket clip (4th generation), and the batteries in each of the pens are at 100%. Since starting this thread, I stopped by my local Best Buy and was able to replicate the problem on a Surface Laptop 3 running Windows 10 version...
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    Surface Pen Stops Working

    I have the latest style Microsoft Surface Pen and it randomly stops working during use. This has been a problem since ordering my Surface Go a year ago and I'm now on my third pen – don't ask how I got to this point. I'm currently running Windows 10 Pro version 1903, and all drivers and...