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    Massive WiFi issues

    I had wifi issues when i changed to broad band here in nz. lost connection every day. The internet provider changed the router and still no luck being stable. The internet provider gave me a more expensive router and didn't have nay problems since.
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    Antivirus software and surface 3

    Im using bitdefender and i not having any problems on any of my sufaces 1, 2, 3
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    keyboard dont work

    my keyboard doesnt work any suggestions
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    Surface 3 antivirus

    I'm using bitdefender for the last 3 years with my surfaces and never had a problem. Always in the top 3 antivirus software suites. Kaspersky is good also
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    New member from Canada

    enjoy your SP3 Best computer out there by far for what you can do with it
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    What antivirus for SP3?

    bitdefender is the way to go
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    Buy Surface Pro 3 now or wait for 4

    I have used wifi in different countries with out any problems
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    Marvel avaster bluetooth radio adaptor

    Does anyone else have problems with your blue tooth - Marvel avaster bluetooth radio adaptor needs to enable. It only happens usally twice a week but it is annoying is there any tips
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    Buy Surface Pro 3 now or wait for 4

    I think 99% people are not having problems with WiFi. I think every computer company has the same problem and this shouldn't sway you if to buy now or wait until the surface pro 4 comes ( probably same time as windows 10 ) along way off. I see that the surface pro 4 having 2 usb ports and...
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    Took my SP3 out of the country last week.

    I have moved back to NZ and it connected without any problem and then a couple of days ago i couldn't connect and realized maybe it was the last update so i did a system restore and it is fine now
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    Do I Need Additional Antivirus Protection for Surface Pro 3?

    I think some people think using defender is safe enough. Its like wearing a t Shirt in winter. You still be cold so wearing a jumper also you be warmer. Kapsersky or Bit defender i would recommend for security. Read the link below and you will get a better idea what is better antivirus...
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    A little nervous - need advice on new purchase

    I had my surface for 3 weeks now and no wifi issue at all, but i5 is a better choice if money is no object
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    List of top 3 likes and dislikes about SP3

    My likes are 1- The size and weight is great 2- The kick stand 3- The boot up speed My dislikes 1- One more usb port would be great 2- The keyboard included for free. ( i sure this will happen for the surface pro 4) 3- Battery life 12 hours ( if this was possible )
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    [Poll] If You Bought the Surface, What Continent Are You In?

    Thailand but purchased mine from ebay in america
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    Finally bought SP2 64gb

    Being a owner 2 and 3. I think the pro 3 is great because of the weight, size, keyboard, pen, kick stand,camera, battery, look is far better than the surface pro 2. I would return it and change because there are to many good things to say about the surface pro 3
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    charging up is slow

    I have noticed the surface pro 2 is the quickest to charge up, then comes the surface pro followed by surface pro 3. Any ideas why its soooooo sloooow to charge up
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    CPU or memory

    Thanks for the info
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    After unboxing - run all updates ?

    Just install your updates then sync your computer, download your applications you need. i get into it I received my SP3 1 week ago and wow what a piece of machinery
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    CPU or memory

    When checking task manager should i look in the CPU or memory column to see where which application is using the most battery power
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    What antivirus for SP3?

    Im using bit defender. One of the best on the market