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  1. iDatus

    Was about to buy SP3 when saw this bad review on Youtube?

    been away a while but surprised to see a post like this. The screen was properly tested when it came out and from memory was the second best screen money could buy, a quick search on Bing found this. and a quote from it Most Accurate Colors...
  2. iDatus

    The time to get a microsd card is now

    I got this Samsung (only Samsung thing ive bought) 64gb pro price has come down a lot. had no issues and very fast with large files.
  3. iDatus

    To anyone that uses the Netflix App

    I watched a lot of Netflix this weekend and occasionally on left hand side a flash of white, like a rectangular box flashed up. is that what you were getting?
  4. iDatus

    Hyper-V win7 client full screen

    update ok I downloaded the 90 day trial of windows 7 enterprise, I now get 1600x1200. better but full screen the same. I do now however get the remote desktop option to it which is full screen etc.
  5. iDatus

    Hyper-V win7 client full screen

    ive decided to have a play with hyper-v for work reasons and the only windows 8.1 machine I can get my hands on for this is my personal SP3 after installing window 7 home initial release with sp1 and trillions of updates plus the install of integration tools im not better off than I was before...
  6. iDatus

    Poll Do you use SP3 more as a tablet or a laptop?

    So far ive been using it as a loptop, i love the keyboard and pen for onenote. I use it for binge watching netflix. i take it everywhere.
  7. iDatus

    Trouble outputting to 4K display

    make sure its an active cable. see my posts about it.
  8. iDatus

    SP3 - Help me choose mouse and HDMI adapter?

    sp3 has a display port. it does not have a hdmi. My signature has links to what I have purchased for my sp3 which may help.
  9. iDatus

    Poll Yellow streak poll (Model + Lot #)

    I think some might have more prominent than anything on my screen. I have to really really look and even then im not sure. it certainly isn't anything im worried about.
  10. iDatus

    Poll Yellow streak poll (Model + Lot #)

    zoom in and u wont see it. I saw banding.
  11. iDatus

    Poll Yellow streak poll (Model + Lot #)

    lot 1427 i5 8gb. I try very hard and my eyes imagines a yellow streak but its not there.. Here is a photo There looks like a bit of yellow in the middle that's window reflection.
  12. iDatus

    Benefits of Surface 3 form factor?

    3 surprises for me which I don't see mentioned in reviews or comments 1) when its on your lap you don't notice the weight of it as its spread out evenly. 2) when its on your lap you don't burn your legs or private parts. 3) when its on your desk at work or home where you have a keyboard to a rig...
  13. iDatus

    DecalGirl Installed and Impressions

    bit annoyed now. I like the tron bikes and I don't live in the usa. Hall 9000 is cool.
  14. iDatus

    DecalGirl Installed and Impressions

    Thanks for sharing, interesting watch. Looks good and well made. Obvious questions 1) if you want to change it to a different design what's it like to remove 2) I think sp3 using the case for some cooling properties so wondering if it sweats it more?
  15. iDatus

    4K not working on Samsung U28D590D

    there are posts on this subject but thanks for the extra info. some people can get 4k outputs with mini dp to hdmi converts and some can't even with same cable. this is because you need an active converter not a passive one. here is what I read you need. Its on amazon usa but not uk. You may...
  16. iDatus

    4K not working on Samsung U28D590D

    u getting any output? u using dp 1.2 cable? you got to desktop and right click destop selected screen resolution?
  17. iDatus

    Guide: All About Battery Life

    You can see the difference from your first picture. For those reading looking at the above picture kindly done by ctitanic make sure you click the users folder on the bottom pain 1st! This opens the top pain folders as shown.
  18. iDatus

    thoughts after 2 days of usage

    286 & over 20 years.. Didn't know we had some youngsters on this forum. hehe. I too have had same experience (plus 30 years) even XT PC with pc dos 1(yep 8bit wonder) and love the sp3. no issues for me, maybe slow wifi now and then but I think I know what that is. Can't remember last time MS had...
  19. iDatus

    Normal Battery Loss during 4:00 hr Connected Standby before auto-hibernate?

    did u set up your email? if so change frequency of update from default which is as they arrive to check every 30 mins. not sure if that will help but wanted to put it there just in case as I feel your pain.