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  1. akayareal

    [GIVEAWAY] Surface with Windows RT

    I def want this more for play
  2. akayareal

    Surface RT to be priced at $199

    At the end of October will basically be going into the holiday season. A lot of ppl will think the same thing when trying to pick up a tech gift for someone that is affordable. Same as how the Kindle was but now with killer specs.
  3. akayareal

    Surface RT to be priced at $199

    Microsoft Surface for Windows RT tablet coming October 26th for $199? Microsoft reportedly doesn’t care if its $199 Surface tablet pushes partners out of the market
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    Which will you get Surface 8 or Surface RT?

    MS has been lossing money on the whole WP front from day 1. Their bread and butter has been W7 and XBox. RT is their 1st tablet and is based off of the whole 8 platform that they are gearing the whole company from. I think they are at a all or nothing approach with their mobile platform of 8. I...
  5. akayareal

    Which will you get Surface 8 or Surface RT?

    This is the same strategy used when MS and Sony released the 360 and PS3. Make it affordable at a loss per unit and make your money back from game sales, in this case apps. You can look at it as them standing to make more if they have it in 5mil ppls hands buying a average of 2-3 apps a week...
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    Apple iPad vs Microsoft Surface

    Looks like MS is playing hardball and is taking the same approach as they did with Xbox 360 to sell this as a loss to hope and make it back from app purchases. This puts in the Nexus 7 price point and can be a great Ipad alternative for someone on a budget. Microsoft Surface for Windows RT...
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    Which will you get Surface 8 or Surface RT?

    Well at this price point, there is no doubt I will get a Surface RT and if the Pro is as competitively priced as this (Ipad price range) then I can see developers developing apps for the simple fact this should fly off shelves. Microsoft Surface for Windows RT tablet coming October 26th for $199?
  8. akayareal

    Windows XX to Windows 8

    I used 95 when I was in highschool but before that in the middle school I went to, it was all Macs there. My 1st actually desktop ran 98 on it.
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    Which will you get Surface 8 or Surface RT?

    The Pro version to me is set up for defeat in that it will be released 3 months after the RT version. This means it will miss out on the xmas season and will leave room for the OEMs that will be putting out Pro versions to snatch up those who (like me) are impatient when options are in front of you.
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    So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?

    It just wouldnt look attractive price wise either. We are talking about a tablet in the pro version that will run in the $1000 range. Now when you add a wireless radio and you go for the 128gb version, your probably looking at $1250 or more. Like most have said, you will probably almost always...
  11. akayareal

    Microsoft Planning to Sell 'a few million' Surface Tabs in 2013

    Wont be easy. They are not known for hardware outside of Zune and there are just to much unknowns with this. I personally feel they released info to soon. They should have had the press conference about a month or so before release to keep the buzz strong. As said before, PRICE will be the one...
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    Which will you get Surface 8 or Surface RT?

    I would go for RT. I would eventually run Windows 8 Pro on my Mac. I would mainly want the tablet for gaming (not graphics heavy games, got a 360 & PS3 for that), media, and web browsing. I would basically look to limit my need for my laptop other then music production programs that require...
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    Apple iPad vs Microsoft Surface

    3 things to factor in that will truly dictate how good Surface does. 1. Price point. There is no way Microsoft can expect this to work if it is over price. Granted, from what we have seen, this tablet looks to be built very solid with very good specs but the market isnt there for overpriced...
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    Top 5 Killer Apps

    1.Skype 2.VLC 3.Slingbox :in love: 4.U Torrnet 5.Offline Navigation App
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    What Titles?

    I play Age of Mythology still to this day but games like Skyrim and a good 1st person shooter and I am a happy camper.
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    Master List of Microsoft Surface Accessories

    Best way to correct that given the size of the keyboard would be glow in the dark characters.
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    Greetings to all. Im always thirsty for anything tech news and new developments. I havent used a windows pc as my primary pc since 2010 and I am basically sold on Surface RT pending price.