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  1. hkhoanguyen

    hard time clicking icons with finger

    I myself find a problem of clicking on the icon battery, wifi and notification on startup, i have to wait for the windows to really finish loading all the stuffs then i will be able to click on them :(
  2. hkhoanguyen

    Windows 10 and battery life

    My SP3 runs quite hot with Chrome, and IE is not so bad on SP3, been waiting for the Edge on w 10
  3. hkhoanguyen

    Finally a Solid Windows 10 Build for Surface 3

    So, until the day the Windows 10 is released, we just have to use Windows Update to upgrade to Windows 10 ?
  4. hkhoanguyen

    Bluetooth Mouse affects battery life ?

    Hi, I'm going to buy a bluetooth Mouse Logitech M557, but the bluetooth mouse will affect much to the battey life or not ? Thanks
  5. hkhoanguyen

    Surface 3 Portable Charger

    hi, I'm looking for a portable charger for the surface 3, you guys can suggest me an idea of which one is the good and best one ? Thanks,
  6. hkhoanguyen

    MiniDisplay to VGA Cable

    Thanks, I will order this for my surface 3
  7. hkhoanguyen

    Visual Studio for lightweight development?

    VS 2013 works fine on my surface 3 :)
  8. hkhoanguyen

    Displayport to VGA problem

    Hi, how about this adapteur :|NonApplicable|L2 Does it work well with Surface 3 ? Thanks
  9. hkhoanguyen

    MiniDisplay to VGA Cable

    Hi Guys, I have just purchased the Surface 3, and I'm looking for the adapteur which converts MiniDisplay to VGA, I have suggested by the staff to use the Adapteur VGA from Microsoft, but I think it is a bit expensive, as I'm living in France so I found one in one website in France (FNAC), and...
  10. hkhoanguyen

    Does Windows 10 offer better Surface 3 ?

    Hi, As we are both waiting for the release of Windows 10, I would like to know if there will be any improvement not about the software's aspect, but something about hardware (charging time, touch sensitivity, speed ... ) ? Thank you all,