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    New firmware = bad upload speed

    My SP2 just clocked 5.5 down and 0.39 up on a public wifi connection. There might be something to the op's discovery
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    Runnign 24.7

    Mine is in the docking station 8 - 10 hours per day, 6 days per week, 5 months and counting. Connected to wifi 100% of the time while in docking station. Microsoft ARC wireless keyboard and Sculpt mouse. MS Office, email, Photoshop, and the company online CRM are the applications. I have...
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    Could it be that the issues with SP2 are Touch/Type cover related?

    Same here, Type Cover 2 since new and no issues.
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    My Thoughts On the Surface Pro 2

    I've owned my Surface Pro 2 just over 30 days; it was purchased to replace a Nexus 10 Android tablet. Our company uses a CRM which requires the use of Internet Explorer, no other browsers will work. Although the original intent was replacing the Android tablet, the capability and function...
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    Docking Station in stock

    Just received mine. Will set it up at the office today. The box is not in front of me to verify but I believe it has 2 or 3 USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port. I have been using an LED monitor, powered USB hub, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse; the Surface Pro replaced my laptop and the...
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    Battery Wear rate

    Just ran the report to check mine and it's at 41,632
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    Firmware update filed today.

    My SP2 has the dot light. Prior to the latest update the light always stayed on if connected to the SP2 and plugged in. I noticed the light was off this morning after being connected overnight. I then disconnected and reconnected the tablet end of the charging cable. Light (dot) came on as soon...
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    Firmware update filed today.

    I allowed the update to download and install on my SP2. A behavior change is the light at end of the power cord goes out when the battery is fully charged. I removed the charging cord (battery fully charged) and observed at initial connection the light was on but shortly there after the light...
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    New battery life is finally starting to sync in :)

    Try the "You Version". Search in the App Store and it will refer you to the developer's web page. I use this app on my Galaxy S4 and Nexus 10 tablet, too. Regarding battery life, today is day 2 with my Surface Pro 2. I spent quite a few hours getting acquainted with it and setting it up...