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    Possible bug-Anniv update SP4 and CPU

    I did a fresh install with a thumb drive and Win 10 1607 Enterprise and the stuck CPU is fixed.
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    Possible bug-Anniv update SP4 and CPU

    Looks to be a global issue after the upgrade. Clean installs may not be affected.
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    That problem that microsoft just won't fix

    New firmware out! We'll see how it goes.
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    That problem that microsoft just won't fix

    I built my image from latest Windows 10 Enterprise using the deployment guide (I'm an SCCM shop), latest firmware and driver pack and have similar issues. I was able to duplicate it with the stock surface image as well. It's not every time, but sometimes when I just close the lid after an hour...
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    Black Screen and Won't Wake - KB Hot Fix posted

    I just installed the latest Beta Intel video driver from their site I'll let you know if this helps.
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    Black Screen and Won't Wake - KB Hot Fix posted

    The instructions depend on us having Firmware errors in Device Manager. I don't have any errors so this won't work for me. I've already tried re-applying the platform installer pack, but that doesn't help either. The only thing left to try is rolling back the Intel video driver.
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    Reawaken after sleep working now

    How big of a power drain is that? Anyone does a battery report on it?
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    Reawaken after sleep working now

    I have the same issue. I have restored twice and it seems to have been worse after applying the Feb driver updates. Maybe rolling back to the previous Intel video driver?
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    I will give Microsoft the benefit that they have delivered far superior customer service than either Apple or Lenovo.
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    HowTo 123123213123213132131231231231313

    I've seen both SP4's I'm testing *at times* not recover from connected standby. It seems to be video driver related so I'm holding out for that. It seems to happen once every 3rd or 4th time like the OP was saying. Just a hard shutdown recovers it, but less tech savvy users would quickly get...
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    The SP3 had a horrific failure rate for us. It was around 10% early on - which is extremely high. I have a 114 in my environment currently. I have two SP4's that I'm certifying in which one had to be RMA'd already due to a battery that would quit charging (even after the driver update). HP is...
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    Surface Performance

    Just a build a cheap box with lots of ram and HDD space and console to it with your SP3.
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    What Are Your SD Card Slot Read/Write Times? Mine R Slowwww....

    The technology isn't necessarily limited by throughput as there are some with up to 90MB/s, but rather I/O capability is quit limited with SD-Cards. You notice the quickness more with an SSD that does 70-80K IO/s than with it's sheer 300MB/s read/write.
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    i3 Surface Pro 3 vs 4GB Surface 3

    Intel Haswell will SHRED an Atom core CPU. You can't simply look at ram and clock speed. It will be very gimped... trust me.
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    Surface Pro 4 Likely Coming Late 2015 with Powerful New Features

    If they go wireless docking it would require the Intel tri-band card which kicks ass. Beats up on that Marvell trash we have now.
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    Little bit late to the OMG party..

    You've got something wrong with your IE. I would disable all of your IE add-ons and try loading a tab. Are you running a virus scanner? Sometimes it takes less time doing a full system restore with windows 8.1 then it does to try troubleshooting the issue. Just trying help you out, as I wouldn't...
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    Surface Pro to Surface Pro 3

    There's a large failure rate with the product in my environment it was over 15% (we have 60 of them). However, when you have one that works great it usually continues to work great for the long haul. The most common failures (digitizer, screen, SSD, Ram) and they usually happen or are noticed...
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    Microsoft Wireless Adapter?

    Install latest drivers from the manufacturer?