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  1. MiloTheGreat


    I think your Trend security is screwing it up. Can you disable it and retry? I have and dock, and use the Microsoft security essentials, and never had this issue. Good luck.
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    Thinking of returning my i5 for an i7

    As i understand it, the i7 has a higher spec graphics chipset, so the increase is not only the processor power. Obviously, it depends on what your doing, and how your doing it, and how often. Some say the i7 uses less power as it doesn't need to work as hard. I honestly think this is hokum, if...
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    Left Handed Inking Issues

    If you download the full version of OneNote (its now free). Open the full desktop version. File -> Options -> Advanced -> scroll down to "Default OneNote Application", and tick "Make OneNote 2013 (desktop) the default OneNote application etc etc" This will carry on using the metro OneNote...
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    So...has the SP3 replaced your laptop?

    Replaced my Alienware m11x R3, and my Nexus 7 (2013) The SP2 actually plays game faster!?!?! (WTF)
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    Surface 3 pro USB port problem

    I also had this problem. I plugged the dumb end of the Y cable into the USB on the PSU, and that didn't help. It looked more like a USB hub driver/USB device driver mis-match. I had to plug the DVD into another laptop and network share in the end.....
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    Using the Surface Pro 3 to develop software

    Yes, I posted this.... in my question Fn + Cap locks.
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    Hard shell case.

    Are there any hard crystal cases for the SP3 yet?
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    Using the Surface Pro 3 to develop software

    Yes, one thing. The function keys are a slight pain in the rear. If you like to listen to music the play/pause doubles on the F5 function key. Home is F9, End is F10, Pgup is F11, Pgdn is F12, possibly the most used keys in Visual studio. Apart from that.... no. Function lock with Fn+Caps lock.