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    Surface Pen tip doesn’t work but I can move the cursor with the top button

    My SP4 pen only has one battery. Then pen which used cell batteries for the bluetooth and eraser button was the one from the SP3.
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    Surface Pen tip doesn’t work but I can move the cursor with the top button

    I've had the issue a number of times on my earlier (SP4) model pen, and it has always been fixed through removing the pen tip. Although some times it required me to put in a different pen tip for a short while.
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    Surface Pro X limited software functionality due to the cpu make it not worth the hype

    Not sure what to make of that. It's a couple of paragraphs suggesting that people need to get on board and commit. Exactly the same issue were present with the whole surface concept regarding pen or touch input etc. The final result though, if you stick with it, you end up with a damned good...
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    Microsoft announces October 2nd Hardware Event

    They often offer discounts during the back-to-school period though.
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    Internet issue

    Sticking it here as it happens most on windows 10. My main desktop is playing up. It's been absolutely fine until recently where it is just not getting any bandwidth. Running speedtest, I get 0.19 down, and 0.74 up. In comparisson, my other devices in the same room get 50 down 20 up. The...
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    French Accents on SP6 Keyboard Cover

    Follow the advice from the following link. I've just tried it with my SP4 and it works absolutely fine (even if it is a rather slow process when typing, although that's probably because I don't do it regularly)
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    Is the SP6 "Quick Charge" compatible?

    How would you even use it with the surface pro 6? The surface pro doesn't charge via USB. Do you have a link to the charger in question? Either way, I can't imagine that it would charge any faster than using the standard brick, that thing is fast!
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    Surface not detecting keyboard cover.

    Could just be something to do with your windows install. I get it from time to time, and it isn't dirt related. I'm on the insider program, and it seems that some build updates lead to it occuring more than others. I find it's generally a case of repeatedly having to detatch and reatatch and...
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    Solved Peculiar issue

    Solved. The damndest thing. Turned out to be the microsoft ergonomic keyboard. It was working absolutely perfectly as it always has, and then poof, borked. Works 0.0001% of the time, but doesn't the rest of the time. Don't quite understand the how and why's, but if I plug it into any computer...
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    Solved Peculiar issue

    Nope, I most definitely clicked on Windows 10 :/
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    Solved Peculiar issue

    Windows 10 on one of my machines has suddenly gone a bit mad. I've checked for spyware, viruses etc, done full refresh, nothing. It's been fine for about 6 months, and all of a sudden this happened and will not sort itself out. 1. The mouse. Double clicking on a folder opens the properties...
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    Preorder/Delivery date

    It is naturally an unknown, but there was significant demand (in the context of a surface) for the SP3 and SP4 and I got both of those on my door step on release day in the UK.
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    Surface Pro 6 , No Iris Graphics option! :(

    Nothing groundbreaking, but then again other than usb c (which I've no use for!) there doesn't seem to be much they can really do to revolutionize the device with given current hardware. Still sounds like a great upgrade from my SP4 which while still great, at 3 years old is feeling a little bit...
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    Parts of this site seem abandoned ?!?!

    There were a number of threads discussing the Surface go when it was announced. You can look at the number if comments on the news items, it seems like it just didn't make sense to continue if members preferred to create a thread instead. This is just an enthusiast forum. It's not something...
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    Hard Drive Replacement

    Open the kickstand. You will see a micro SD slot beneath. Insert micro SD card. Voila.
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    Surface Pro 4 won't stay on

    Does the Led on the magnetic power plug stay on, or does it blink etc?
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    SP4 bulging screen, overheating battery

    I wasn't saying your issues isn't one know to Microsoft, although flicker gate seems to be a different issue compared to what you've described. What I meant though, is that I've always had fantastic support (they didn't even ask me to return the faulty accessories or request any firm of proof)...
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    SP4 bulging screen, overheating battery

    I feel your pain. I rarely get good Cs from any company when on the phone, and just get bounced around. I've had a couple of issues with my surface or accessories, and always used the online live chat and always got exceptional service. Have you tried that, or just phone calls? BTW, from my...
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    Second Monitor without dock?

    It should. I bought a generic adaptor that output to hdmi/vga/hdmi and it was simply a case of plugging it in. Its a while ago but I have a feeling I had to plug the monitor cable into the adaptor, and then plug the adaptor into the sp3.
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    Who is getting one? Why or Why not?

    I love the bezel size, and never understand this push for bezeless displays. Where am I meant to hold it? I need somewhere to place my thumb to get a firm grip.