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    Do I keep my new SP2 or return it... Problems --- Could be drivers

    flicker is not a bug see other thread uou need to download the intel drivers and turn off power saving to fix wifi you need to disable usb selective suspend and keep wifi on maximum performance in power options its an intel usb 3.0 problem because wifi card is on the usb bus. they have not...
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    SP2 Screen Flicker

    this is not a bug its intel's dynamic power saving at work. you need to install the intel hd driver and turn it off in the graphics control panel it was the same with sp1
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    Try this if you have Limited Connectivity issues

    I had the limited connectivity issue with surface on day 1, it would not stay connected to my 2.4ghz or 5ghz band for less than 15mins. I would be downloading something or streaming and it would just cut the connection. It seems though it may have something to do with the Win8 network stack...
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    Surface pro screen brighness jumping around

    So this is not a bug, it's Intel's Display Power Saving Technology that dims the display based on brightness of dispalyed content. This feature is enabled by default when the laptop is on battery. To disable it you need to install Intel's graphics media control panel and go to Power tab, select...