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    1607 Aka Anniversary Upgrade

    Ok this has been resolved for me; with two possible solutions (unfortunately I combined them so can no longer test) 1. Uninstall ESET Smart Security prior to the upgrade (and clean with something like Revo) 2. Installer stuck at 18% when upgrading from Windows 10 (10074 to 10122) It did the...
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    1607 Aka Anniversary Upgrade

    Tried it with the media creation tool, and still failing but at least now gives me an error message. 0x80070002 - 0x20007 The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during INSTALL_DRIVERS operation. Not that it is that helpful, I would have though it being a Surface Pro 3 has...
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    1607 Aka Anniversary Upgrade

    No luck whatsoever, mine keeps rolling back with no error messages logged. Oh isn't it fantastic to have a Microsoft reference machine with a signature build of the Surface Pro 3 bought through the Microsoft store and something as simple and straightforward like this doesn't work.
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    1607 Aka Anniversary Upgrade

    Interesting, mine gets to about 16%, then restarts and restores the previous version. I'll try without the SD card.
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    Display Driver Crash

    I can't use Edge unfortunately as it doesn't work with our billing system, and IE renders horribly. But surely that is besides the point, the display driver shouldn't just crash. Why would the display driver crash? Did you have the i5 or i7?
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    Display Driver Crash

    I'm wondering am I overusing my SP3 Pro i5 8GB 256SSD machine. Recently I changed how I worked and we can bring our own device, and I work a lot from home. So I am using my Surface Pro 3 professionally now every day. It is in its dock, with a Dell 2415Q 4K screen attached, external keyboard and...
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    Surface pro 4 i5: 4gb or 8gb RAM?

    It depends. I wouldn't go for anything less than 8GB though. It will provide enough headroom for most. I use a lot of virtual machines and memory is key. My next one is definitely 16GB.
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    SP4 i5 vs I7

    For me the 16GB availability would push the i7 ahead, but yes I'm concerned about real world speed difference and whether the i7 in this package will really be up for it.
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    Whoa. New "Surface Book" just shown

    Yes the more I think about it....I left my MacBook for a Surface for its form factor, the Book is turning it into a normal laptop again with its issues in the clamshell design in limited space area like the flipdown table on a train or plane. But wow, just seen the cost of the i7 16GB Surface...
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    Whoa. New "Surface Book" just shown

    I'm really liking this. Price makes me think twice, but very tempted to go for an i7 16GB book...
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    Best way to connect to web via cell mobile

    No you don't. No need to jailbreak at all. Tethering is a standard option for both android and iOS.
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    Best way to connect to web via cell mobile

    I used to do that years ago...Nowadays with mobile hotspots so easy on a phone I don't understand why anyone would want separate accounts unless the device belongs to a different legal entity. My iPhone 6+ Vodafone contract comes with 36GB and is the hotspot for everything else when I'm on the...
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    Default Webcam: Front

    Hi, Does anyone know how you can set the default webcam to be the font one? I'm running security software on my that would take a picture of the thief but it is always taking the rear camera photo which is pointless. I was wondering how I can change the default. Thanks, JP
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    Anti-Virus Software: Which do you use?

    I'm using ESET Smart Security, I like it that it still has a proper email scanner as that is where most of my 'nasty' stuff arrives.
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    Well, now I am sold

    Well that is easy, just don't upgrade or rollback. I think you are over dramatic though. The desktop experience was there in 8 with just a different "start" menu, likewise the tablet experience in ten is much better and more consistent. But hey you've got the choice, use it.
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    SP3 i5 only 5 weeks old. Overheats like crazy. Anyone else?

    It is all a bit subjective, one persons too hot to handle is another persons hand warm. Heck my MacBook Air was at times too hot to have on my lap. As others have said it all depends what you are doing with it. One thing we know for certain, it isn't overheating ;)
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    Best program for uninstalling programs/software?

    I tend to use ccleaner following a normal uninstall to ensure there is nothing orphaned on the disks. Seems to do the trick.
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    I have a good excuse not to buy an SP3

    Seriously? I mean seriously? Come on dude. I run visual studio with large solutions all the time. Normally have one or two virtual machines open as well. And SQL Server running. Got the full Adobe Creative Cloud thing going on, editing RAW files very often. Only thing I barely ever do is edit...
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    so i return my surface:(

    Snap, me too. But not only that, there was/is some indication that actually whilst the 4 maybe the latest number, the processing power and capability could be less. Battery life over power. I would miss the power.