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    Spacebar randomness in Facebook? And trackpad in general?

    I don't know if this is an Edge issue or a Surface Pro 3 issue, but it seems that when I'm on and only in the comment field (not in the facebook app, nor in messages from the chat feature on the website, and so far no other websites), the spacebar doesn't always insert a space. It...
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    Notification Issues

    I didn't get it to.. it just did haha. This is all so arbitrary, I was surprised to see it up there, since I do get notifications from Telegram to pop up on the bottom right, but they don't show up in the Action Center.
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    OneDrive place holder alternative

    This is fantastic, I was just wondering about where that feature went today and didn't think to look into it. Thanks for posting!
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    Notification Issues

    These are the apps it lets me choose from, so same thing. It's a pretty full list, to be honest, but of course it's missing Facebook which would be cool--I think that's on their end. Either way, Mail and Calendar don't function the way I would want them to. I just woke up my computer and had...
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    Notification Issues

    Hi all! While I'm very impressed with the Windows 10 update (it feels like the SP3 was in mind throughout this entire design, specifically the continuum feature which is small but well thought out), I'm really bothered that notifications either just don't work sometimes and there doesn't seem...
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    Pen Freezing

    I'm having the same issue. Definitely annoying (and embarrassing when trying to show off...)
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    no worries! ah yeah that's the obvious answer of course. might try the one through usb 3.0 on...

    no worries! ah yeah that's the obvious answer of course. might try the one through usb 3.0 on the dock when i get to it so i can free up the minidisplay and just drop the unit in the dock when i get home, voila.
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    Surface Pro 3 Accessories

    I really like this bluetooth mouse from Logitech because it's pretty slim and fits in my incipio case side pouch (the same one as above) without adding too much bulk. There's plenty more room in that side pouch as well, and the plush inside the main compartment is so soft...
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    Who Loves their SP3 - Positivity Thread

    I'm enjoying mine so much so far. A few hitches along the way, but nothing some communal discussion can't fix! Been a tinkerer all my life, and enjoying the new gadget. Sorry for everyone with screen issues, my friend had a few dead pixels, but my one is gorgeous :-D See y'all around.
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    hey, i see you've connected two additional displays. which method did you use? i have two...

    hey, i see you've connected two additional displays. which method did you use? i have two displays waiting to be shared with my new surface pro 3 but i'm not sure which way to go about it. considered one through the mini displayport and one through usb 3.0 on the dock.
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    power button -sleep

    Thanks for the response. Very strange, but both issues stopped all of a sudden. I had restarted my computer a number of times, but then I shut down, rebooted maybe two hours later, and the button has its old functionality. Good find on the bug though, I'll know where to go if it happens...
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    power button -sleep

    I have the same problem, all of the settings are correct to make it sleep on pressing the power button, but it won't respond correctly, always the shut down slide screen. may be unrelated but the waiting "wheel" won't stop spinning no matter what I'm doing, these issues started simultaneously..
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    Surface Pro 3, 2nd Display, and Scaling (oh my)

    Definitely an issue for me. I used to have a desktop but for reasons sold it and got myself an SP3. Loving the experience so far, but the oversize experience on my 27" monitor doesn't make a lot of sense. Maybe my monitor's a few years old and the resolution isn't up to snuff with these new...