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    Is this right for me?

    If you can afford the 8gb version then why not go for it? You can't really have too much memory.- you just might not use all of it very often. If you are anything like me, you won't regret getting more if you end up with hundreds of emails open, lots of browser tabs going and a lot of other open...
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    Regarding I7 Model - Noise/Throttling

    Mostly been playing Elite: Dangerous (both Beta and now Pre-release) I also have a penchant for the Call of Duty series.. There's plenty of fan noise with E:D but no noticeable throttling - been driving an external monitor as well.
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    Regarding I7 Model - Noise/Throttling

    I have an i7, and I agree that it really depends on your use cases. I've not noticed throttling affect anything that I'm actually trying to do, even when running some pretty intensive stuff like games, VMware etc. Fan noise is a bit easier to notice/describe - and my experience has been that...
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    What are the best games on SP3

    Not sure about the game in the video, but my favourite touch based game has to be Machinarium. Absolutely enchanting, addictive and at times massively frustrating puzzle game with a brilliant plot.
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    First Impressions

    It's worth noting that the options nipponham mentions above are only available when the type cover (or another trackpad) is attached.
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    Slow scrolling in modern UI Internet Explorer is jerky, choppy and not smooth

    The only MUI app that gives me any trouble is Mail - scrolling can sometimes be jerky, and if I close the app with the Mouse it dumps me to a blank blue screen rather than the start screen. Press the windows key and it goes back to start screen. Weird.
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    High end SP3 and Xbox or low end SP3 and desktop

    I've got an i7 and Xbox One. I'm actually thinking about building a gaming PC as well, as I have quite a few titles on Steam I used to run on the MacBook Pro I have, which are also available on Windows. Plus the fact I've bought in to the Elite: Dangerous Beta (now Pre-release) so want to see...
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    Solved Surface Hub not workng

    Strangely enough Virtualbox stopped the hub from working for me - it looks like something VM related captured Bluetooth. Uninstalled it and then Surface Hub worked. Just my experience tho.
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    Frustrating piece of...

    I'm glad things are working better for you - I would encourage you to stick with it. I've had some frustrations with DPI scaling, mostly with VMware and a few other apps, but to be honest I think it's a compromise between great looking screen/interface and compatibility with older apps. I...
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    Sharing my opinion on Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft

    Mind you, have you seen how much those new curved 4k TVs are? New strategy from MS for a higher priced curved surface? :D
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    Sharing my opinion on Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft

    If the above pic isn't camera distortion then that's not a screen issue.. that's the chassis.
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    Is there a SP3 portfolio that allows use of kickstand?

    I looked hard for a folio style case that would allow use of the Kickstand. After a while I decided I just liked the way the Surface felt in the buff and stopped searching. I have a sleeve type case for surface + type cover with adapter, mouse etc. as I reckon it's durable enough for normal...
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    Hello from a (nearly former) Mac user

    Well if they do make a major leap forward then they might just manage to get some traction - and if they do I think it can only be good news for everyone - Surface users, desktop users, right across the ecosystem - and more competition will force others to up their game as well. You can probably...
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    more weird problems: black screen on boot / wake from hibernate

    Might be an obvious point, and I apologise if I'm stating something you know already, but have you checked and double checked for updates & firmware updates? And have you got Hyper-V enabled?
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    Laptop Hinge vs Kickstand Poll for SP4

    Yep - you're right it's all about tablet usability. I would add though that I like the fact that I can use the Surface with Kickstand in tablet mode with no keyboard and thus have the advantage of the weight saving. That's the key for me - a tablet I can use flexibly without the flexibility...
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    Laptop Hinge vs Kickstand Poll for SP4

    Kickstand = tablet angle flexibility on desk for pen+drawing, in bed for reading and on lap for typing/browsing. For me, the Kickstand makes it the most flexible tablet I've ever used. For me the Kickstand is more important as a tablet feature than a keyboard feature.
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    Why does the Surface Pro 3 get a bad rap in the media? My take.

    Woah, this sounds way better than the SP3 - where do I get one from? Just take my money already g'dammit..
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    Battery Degradation Just a couple from many many threads. Been an iPad user for years and if there is one thing that Apple fans moan about more than anything its disappointment with battery...
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    Mirror Screen to Amazon FireTV

    I know this is slightly off topic, but after the very latest firmware for the SP3 I was able to connect to my Sony TV via miracast for the first time ever. Prior to this it either asked for a PIN that I didn't have or just didn't complete the connection, just like you were saying with the...
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    Hello from a (nearly former) Mac user

    Yep - I have to agree with you there.. and possibly a bigger app selection