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    [SOLD] Surface Pro 2 256GB, 4300u, Complete Warranty, Type Cover 2

    I have a Surface Pro 2 256GB, i5 4300u for sale. Its condition is excellent, only charging port has a very minor scuffs, otherwise, no scratches at all. Comes with Complete Warranty (Extended Warranty until 2016), Type Cover 2 black. $800 USD (included USPS/FedEx ground shipping + insurance...
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    Did you notice any other improvements on the new CPU units?

    Mine's 3rd SP2 also, 2nd replacement via web. 3rd SP2 that I received today is brand new, surprisingly. 2nd was obviously a "refurbished" with serial# begins with 002, with misaligned kickstand. My 3rd SP2 has serial beginning with 038, 4300U cpu. Unfortunately, 3rd unit has horrible light bleed...
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    Warranty exchange in MS Store

    I replaced my SP2 (purchased from Best Buy) through, but the replacement has kickstand issue. Left side of kickstand is sticking out. Is it possible to get another replacement at local MS store? Do I need to take the retail box with me as well?
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    Surface Pro 2 1.9 CPU Lot Numbers

    I just replaced my Surface via web and the replacement I received today only has 4200u. I might try the local store as well. But I'm curious, how did you transfer Complete Warranty from one device to another?