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    Improving SSD performance

    Subscribing for updates... My SP2 has a minimum read speed of 23 MB/sec.
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    Please help me project my desktop to LG Smart TV (wasted 6 hours)

    If the PTV doesn't work, you can return it.
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    Double tap space bar to insert period won't work with touch cover

    My type cover 2 doesn't do this either. I think it is only a feature of the on-screen keyboard. It doesn't even work there all the time, either.
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    Surface pro 2 pen nib replacement?

    I got the rubber-tipped replacement and I like it. It provides a little more drag than the OEM hard plastic tip.
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    SP2] Corner inking still a problem?

    Windows Update won't have the newest driver. Get it here:
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    SP2] Corner inking still a problem?

    Performance around the edges is better with the most current Wacom driver, if you do the longer calibration process. It isn't awesome, if I was a artist, I wouldn't paint right at the edge for but writing and my ugly diagram sketches, it is fine.
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    Surface Pro 2 Gaming

    Wow, that sounds great! I really hope they port that back to Windows but it doesn't seem likely. I am never going to set up camp at a desk to play that game, wish I could return the Windows version for the Android one.
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    Surface Pro 2 Gaming

    I want to play Faster Than Light on my bus ride home from work, but I can't find a way to play it without the trackpad. If you set it to fullscreen, the stylus does not work as a pointer. If it is windowed, the stylus still needs double-taps to work, plus the text is ridiculously small. I...
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    Best YouTube app with offline support?

    The big guys won't give me what I need... Offline viewing. Google doesn't even allow that on Android, in their official app. I am sure they have a long list of legal reasons why offline viewing is impossible. I finally ended up using Hyper, it seems to be the best YT app for Metro. You have to...
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    Best YouTube app with offline support?

    I've played around with a bunch of apps from the store but none of them seem to be great. Hyper seems to be among the most polished, but some of the most critical features are behind the paywall so I can't test them. I like the way you can specify what resolution you want to consume by...
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    Bamboo Paper released, free tool upgrades for a limited time

    I had to ask about that too. I think that everything you get free is already loaded. On other platforms, there are more tools and paper styles available. The Metro app looks pretty lean.
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    Offline News Content

    Why would the offline setting in the Microsoft News app's own preferences have anything to do with Kindle books? OP, it doesn't work for me either!
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    Bamboo Paper released, free tool upgrades for a limited time Unfortunately the app freezes on startup on my S2P. In fact I haven't seen anyone say it works properly yet... I hope they fix it soon. YMMV!
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    New Intel graphics driver

    If you are trying a manual driver install, you can't use Intel's .exe -- or so it is said here. You have to go into the Device Mangler, find the device, and install via .inf file.
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    why dont I see yesterdays update?

    Last time it took me over a day to see the update. I'd definitely wait another few days before flattening the device.
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    Problem with keys appearing to be stuck when typing on SP2 TC2 or on-screen keyboard

    Bummer, thanks for the update. I saw on some other forum that a guy figured out how to get Panos' phone number... and started leaving messages about Surface bugs! Need to get that guy on this case, heh.
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    Problem with keys appearing to be stuck when typing on SP2 TC2 or on-screen keyboard

    So SP2 got updates today too? Cool! Can you verify what version of the "Microsoft Input Configuration Device" you have now?
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    Playing 1080p MKV Files on Surface Pro quite a lag

    1080p MKV is well within the capabilities of the machine. Did you have to install a specific codec for your anime? You mentioned a codec pack. It has been a long, long time since I had to manually install any codecs... Maybe the codec is crummy. If the content does not require special codecs...
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    Problem with keys appearing to be stuck when typing on SP2 TC2 or on-screen keyboard

    There are some common problems with the TC2, such as the bug mentioned in this thread. The bug wrecks keyboard games and the workaround does delete some Windows features. The trackpad is widely regarded as horrible. The typing experience on the TC2 is tolerable, but not awesome. It's...
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    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    At first, I was on the bubble. I wasn't going to upgrade and take a big financial hit, but if there was a generous trade-in program, as rumored, I thought I would do it. As it happens the trade-in program didn't happen and in retrospect I am glad due to the problems we have been reading about...