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    Mine arrived today

    Congrats! I am excited to hear what you think. I am most interested in it for video editing. Do you do any editing? Can you see how it handles 4k video in Premiere or in Davinci Resolve?
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    Video Editing Issues - Premiere Pro

    I am a professional Filmmaker and unfortunately I have just not gotten great performance out of my Surface Book. I have an i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD. I normally shoot a mix of Red, Arri, and Sony. The surface book struggles in 4K and for me is only passable at 1080P when you have 4k footage. The...
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    External SSD

    I have a 1TB Samsung T3 and I love it! It does heat up a bit, but I get about 450 MB/s Reads and Writes. I use it to edit video and other media tasks. I have only had it a couple weeks, but I like it thus far. The Surfacebook has no issue powering it. The only downside is that it does get a...
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    Surface Book design problem?

    my hinge isn't perfect actually. I just noticed that it is slightly misaligned. The segments don't go slights higher each one, and I do notice some wear on the hinge. I am on an international long term assignment, but I got Microsoft Complete just for this reason. I will do an exchange when I...
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    Any news on 1tb Surface Book?

    I would love to see some speed tests of the ssd!
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    Just some venting here, maybe someone from Microsoft is listening?

    Yeah I don't think we should bash the guy for being disappointed in the experience, and I also don't think it should be expected that when he bought it, he had read every article about every issue of the product. Whether it's fair or not, when you buy a lot of manufacturers products, apple or...
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    Solved Problem with touch screen

    This happened to me, and my SP3. Unfortunately I had to wipe send it in for a replacement. I wish there was a time machine like feature that would restore programs and such, as for me, reinstalling apps and such is a huge pain in the butt as I travel internationally 95% of the time, and have to...
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    Base and clipboard losing connectivity

    Perfect! I bought my SB and now I am on the road internationally for the next 5 months, so I wasn't looking forward to trying to do an exchange! Does the Beta Intel driver address this at all? I have downloaded it but not installed yet.
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    Base and clipboard losing connectivity

    I have an i7 SB with dedicated GPU and sometimes it seems like I am loosing connectivity between my keyboard base and the clipboard. I will hear the hardware chime and the keyboard and trackpad will stop working and then it will come back. If the SB is flat on a desk then it never happens. More...
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    A Fan noise while charging

    This happens to my SB as well, when charging it seems like the fans come on. I chocked it up to thermal management. In my case, its on even when the computer is NOT locked, when I am just using it.
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    BSOD are back

    I think this is software based, I don't think its the hardware. I saw the same sort of issues with my SP1 back around launch and slowly over time and updates it went away. I think MSFT just hasn't tested all the combinations of actions that can cause faults, so it comes down to getting a lot of...
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    The Surface Book Saga

    See if you can get the complete warranty whenever you do get this one replaced. Its worth it on the Surface line, I have had it on all of my devices and the only one that didn't need it was my original surface RT. I have had all of the surface products except the SP2, and all the others have...
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    Screen cracked

    I really hope they replace this for you. This idea of having to know where to grab the clipboard and where not too, its a bit too much. Unless MSFT says so in the manual (I haven't seen it), I wouldn't think they have an obvious "handle" area where finger pressure can crack the screen. But I...
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    Creative Professional Software Experiences?

    yeah, I think its a solid basic productivity tool, but I don't see the huge increase of performance over my surface 3 in real world workflows, maybe the gaming guys do. I do have to contrast this with the performance that apple seems to squeak out of it's laptops and software. I have been able...
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    clicking noise randomly

    Mine was doing it before the updates but now is seems fixed
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    Creative Professional Software Experiences?

    I just recently got my SB i7, 512, 16gb, dGPU, and now I have installed all of my software. I am an film editor and colorist. I don't expect tip top performance, but I would expect decent performance. I would love to use this thread to post about experiences from users running Pro apps like...
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    Screen cracked

    you have any photos? Do you have Microsoft Complete?
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    Official I ordered a Surface Book

    I just pulled the trigger on a i7/16/512 and I am hyped to check it out. I had a surface pro 1, then a surface pro 3, and now the move to the SB. I also have a bunch of Macs, but I really think the SB is going to get my pretty close to where I want to be for a windows experience. Its sadd to see...
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    Power Cover Not Compatible with SP3

    Its weird because just now when I mounted it, it did indeed work as a keyboard just fine, but no power. I really hope they enable compatibility. For long flights its nice to have the battery option.
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    Power Cover Not Compatible with SP3

    I have the Power Cover that I was using with my SP1, and I tried using it with my new Surface Pro 3, and it doesn't register. Has anyone else tried it? I can get the trackpad to work, but none of the keys and not the battery. I have a SP3 Type Cover, but was looking forward to using the Power...